Friday, September 30, 2011

Aaaand, Friday is shot.

Little satan guy in my brain says, "Oh hai there...can I come out and play?"
NO! Go 'way little satan guy!!!

I'm coming down with a sudden and nasty cluster headache.

It started out really fucking painfully, when I was trying to have a fun conversation with my boss and some other coworkers, and was hit with this pain in the back of the right side of my head out of nowhere.

Then it mellowed a little, after about 5 minutes.

And now it's moved to it's normal spot, behind my right eye, and it's dull and achy, and MUTHERFUCKER!

I have no idea what caused this one. None. I've been way less stressed this week than I was last week. I have been eating well, and exercising frequently. I've been getting sleep. (Although I have been waking up more tired than I usually do, and have to push myself moreso than usual to actually get out of bed. That might've been a sign that I wasn't familiar with.)

Ugh, now my whole lower jaw is aching. FUCK. I'm gonna have to go home early, take pain meds, and sleep. Way to ruin my Friday, brain! THANKS.

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