Friday, September 23, 2011

::bows down and kisses Friday's feet::

WHEW. The week is better as of today. Not just because the work week is over, but because it's just better, is all.

Which is good, because I was about to turn into a HELLBEAST, and release on all mankind (in the general south Johnson County area, anyway) with the wrath of my evilness!!!

Or I was on the verge of glutting myself with a turkey burger and fries lunch.

One of those two things were definitely close to happening before today!

But! I feel better now. ::giant, huge, happy sigh:: So no turkey burger and fries were had. And no evil wrath was...wrathed.

Should be a beautiful weekend for those of us here in the middle of the US, so hope y'all are able to enjoy it! I plan on cleaning out my fireplaces, and getting my hair done. And then I'll watch football.

Woot. :D


faithstwin said...

I hope a satellite doesn't fall into your pool tonight. That would make your end-of-the-week upswing kinda drag down... (Did you see that lady that got hit by 'space junk' a while back? They showed her here either on our local news or on Diane Sawyer, can't recall... when they asked her what her advice was for anyone who sees something falling out of the sky coming towards them she said, "Run... mmmhmmm." It was hilarious.)

Faith said...

I saw that lady! She was in Oklahoma. So, sooo funny. :D