Thursday, September 29, 2011

Decorating the new house. Hits and misses have occurred...

It's been a while since I showed any of the updates we've been making on the house. Some areas are still being worked on - like the last guest room that just finally got a mattress in it, and we're waiting on the bedframe from to come. And we still need a side table for the space, but we might be able to find that this weekend with some thrift shopping...we'll see.

I think we've finally gotten the great room/living-dining-kitchen area figured out, though, and don't need anything more than some accessories here and there.

The master bath has been updated to include medicine cabinets and a corner shelving unit we had built for the space by the same builder that built our bathroom and kitchen cabinets for our last house. I haven't taken pictures of the final product yet, but here is the bathroom before:
...all nasty with the cluttered shelf we found as a temporary holding spot for all our bathroom needs.

And here is the project when it was almost complete...with the corner cabinet in place, and the medicine cabinets up and waiting for the doors to be put on:

I'll get pics of the space tonight when I get home. It is so nice to have space to put all our toiletries again!

One of the "misses" that we made when we were initially furnishing the new spaces we'd never had furniture for before, was buying a dining table and chairs that totally did not wind up jiving with the style we have gravitated towards after living in the house for a little while. We bought them after we'd only been there for around 2 weeks, and we were still trying to work out a stylish combo between our contemporary and traditional vibe we like to hit when we decorate. Leo tried to dress it up for me, but I couldn't see it as being anything other than a glorified conference room. I really didn't like it.
We wound up falling in deep, deep, deeeep love with this HUGE, super-traditional sideboard at Thomasville. I think we were there to look for a coffee table for the living room space. And there was the sideboard of our dreams.

Since it was such a traditional piece, we felt like we could easily replace the chairs in the dining room with more traditional ones, too, and keep the table as is. For now. So we started searching out new chairs that were reasonably priced, and found some at Home Decorators that struck a cord with us. We like how they have a tufting pattern that matches our couch, but also aren't overly feminine/traditional thanks to the shape of the chair (not totally traditional) and the nailhead detail around the edges (more masculine). Here's the end product:

We also got the rug through Home Decorators. LOVE IT.

Here's the monster sideboard that we wish we could have baby sideboards with:

The saleslady asked us at least 3 times if our space was big enough for the piece to fit in. I told her it was a large room...we would be fine. When the guys came to deliver it, I said that I hoped they didn't have to move one like it too often! One of them said, "This is the 6th one we've delivered in the past 2 weeks. 3 of those 6 didn't fit through the front door when we got there." UGH. I can't even imagine! It's all one can't be disassembled in order to fit it into a space. WHY wouldn't people measure properly to figure that shit out before buying it??? It's not exactly a cheap investment, yo.

Anyway, moving on, the living room has been a fun space to coordinate with the kitchen/dining room, as well as the rest of the house. The couch has the "Mad Men" feel going for it, but it's very comfy. I like the natural feel thrown over the room by the giant rock fireplace wall and the wood cabinets that flank it. So I convinced Leo to allow me to go more of a natural route when it came to the coffee table, and picked up two stone coffee tables from West Elm that I think are actually meant for outdoor spaces, but I don't care. I asked my friends for their advice when I was looking for a table, and they all just loved these ones, and I agreed! They finally arrived this week...
So cute!

This green chair is what we call "the anniversary chair" as Leo picked it up for me last year, I think it was, for our anniversary. (Might've been 2 years ago, actually.) We'd seen it at a local consignment store in town called Revival when we were looking for a storage piece for our guest room at the old house. It was only $74, but it seemed like a useless splurge at the time since we didn't know how much we were going to need to spend on the thing we actually needed to buy. Plus, we didn't know where we'd put it!

We left it there, but we kept referring back to it when we talked about furniture we wanted to buy. And then Leo surprised me with it a few months later for our anniversary! I was so glad it was still at the store! We plan on reupholstering it when Leo learns how, but the fabric is really in great shape, and it's not so offensive now that it's next to all the rest of our things.

It needed a side table, though, as it's placed a bit too far from the coffee tables for them to be convenient for it. So I picked up that twisty wood number from a random catalog we got in the mail a couple weeks back called Viva Terra. I love random catalogs that have neat stuff!

The rug is from Flor, and it's called "a la mode" in the "rocky road" color. We love Flor tiles, dammit! The low-pile ones are so easy to clean, and they're very reasonably priced. I highly recommend them.

Anyway, that's what's new at our place so far. I love our house, and am glad we've settled so well into the place. More pictures to come, soon! I want to share the guest rooms, and the finished master bath and bedroom with y'all...


faithstwin said...

Oh I like those chairs much more than the old ones. That corner cabinet looks nice, too. It looks like it will be allll ready when the girls and I come next year! Yay. =) Can you rename your house 'Turks and Caicos' so youngest can be slightly fooled? Add a slide to the pool or something? Can Leo provide room service? Just thinking ahead is all.

Faith said...

Hahahaha! That sounds like a GREAT idea! :D Except for the slide into the pool. I can just see Jake sliding accidentally down that thing now...