Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I think this is when it's ok to say "YIKES"

We had a water line breakage at our house about a month and a half ago. We had no idea how long it had been running down the hill, but I'd imagine it was at least 5 hours that it went on for before we found it. And then it took 3 more to shut it off. (We had to call the water company to come turn it off, since it was at a main juncture in our sprinkler system. Shutting the water off in the house did nothing to help.)

I was a little worried about how bad our water bill was going to be, but I've managed to put it out of my mind until now.

I opened the water bill that came yesterday and saw that the previous bill was for 29,000 gallons. (That's for 2 months. We're billed on a bi-monthly basis.)

This bill was for 74,600 gallons.


I just have to keep repeating to myself: I love our new house, I love our new house, I love our new house...

(I really do.)

(But DAMN.)

Here...for those curious about whether my numbers are off or not. A screen shot of the actual bill...
It was a LOT of water pouring down our hill! For many, many hours. ::sigh::


faithstwin said...

I know if I saw mine in 'gallon' terms I would be pretty blown away too. I just happen to have my latest water bill right next to me so I decided to look. I *think* my 'current' number means I used 2,439 gallons from 8/17 to 9/15. The previous was 2,433. The bill has it written like this: 00002439- which tells me it has enough space for a million + gallons right there. =O

Now, I don't get charged for pool upkeep and sprinklers and all that but your 29k gallons was hard for me to comprehend, much less the almost 75k.

I think Leo needs to be given a timer for his showers. 3 minutes, yo. 3 motherfucking minutes.

My bill this month? $33.47

Faith said...

I think it must be because of the pool. All the constant filling of it (like, almost daily in the summer...) adds up.

So does our sprinkler usage.

I'm hoping the next bill will be infinitely better. Because this one? Was over $300. Not as bad as what happened at dad's house last year, but still! Not a friendly happenstance.