Thursday, September 08, 2011

It's a rear-ending. There really isn't any need to investigate it further. Chick ran into the dude. DONE.

I encounter a small amount of traffic every morning on my way to work at my intersection onto 119th street by my house. It's expected, and it's not a big deal.

This morning, though, I ran into THIS...
Not a HUGE deal, since a bunch of the impatient people in front of me kept turning out of line and heading back a different direction, but I decided to wait it out.

We were all stuck that way because the left lane was blocked by an accident. Not a horrifying, terrible accident, of course. Just your run of the mill rear-ending that can occur when you get too many people trying to get into the same lane to get onto a highway. I'm honestly surprised this is the 1st one I've run across in the 3 months we've lived in our new house!
Seriously, that white car had basically bumped into the gray mini-SUV in front of it. For me, it would have been an "Oops! Let's pull over and exchange info, and get on our way again..." kind of accident.

But for the people involved this morning, it was a call the police, have them block off a whole fucking lane of traffic during rush hour, and make several people late for work kind of accident.

Fucking assholes.

It only put me behind by about 7 minutes, but still, I found it all very odd. And I was bored, so I took pictures of it while I waited. You're welcome. :D

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Masorti said...

That is my biggest complaint about JoCo. When I lived in Mo it took some serious damage or injury for PD to get called in. Out here, it seems some love taps like the one you saw gets the whole cav called in. As an EMS responder, I wish we could fine people who do that.