Thursday, September 01, 2011

Morrissey 2011 North American Tour dates/locations announced!

Can someone please explain to me why Morrissey apparently has some sort of love affair with Texas, but Kansas City totally gets shunned? We're very similar to Texas, really. Except for the drought, the heat, and all those people walkin' around with guns they have there.

Boo, Morrissey! BOOOOO.

Morrissey -- 2011 Tour Dates
Thursday November 10 CHICAGO IL Congress Theater
Monday November 14 SAN ANTONIO TX Majestic Theater
Tuesday November 15 AUSTIN TX Bass Hall
Thursday November 17 DALLAS TX McFarlin Memorial Auditorium
Saturday November 19 SANTA FE NM Santa Fe Center
Sunday November 20 PHOENIX AZ Orpheum Theater
Tuesday November 22 ESCONDIDO CA Center for the Arts
Friday November 25 LAS VEGAS NV The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
Saturday November 26 LOS ANGELES CA Shrine Auditorium
Monday November 28 POMONA CA Fox Theater
Thursday December 1 OAKLAND CA Fox Theater
December 5 MONTERREY arena (7,200)
December 7 MEXICO CITY plaza condesa (1,800)
December 8 MEXICO CITY plaza condesa (1,800)
December 10 PUEBLA siglo XX1 (4,700)
December 12 GUADALAJARA diana (2,200)
December 13 GUADALAJARA diana (2,200)

I told Leo that I would look into this as soon as the info was available, since I haven't been to a Morrissey concert since the 90's, and he hasn't ever seen him live. I think it's just important that everyone see him live at least once, dammit.

If I could afford the time off, we'd go to Chicago to see him! But I've almost exhausted my allowed time at work this year, and I'm afraid to ask for unpaid hours from my boss(es). Also, I have a feeling that will be a messy concert to go to, anyway. Since he's not doing any performances on the east coast (weird?), I'm betting the Chicago and the Las Vegas ones will be the performances people travel from other states to see the most.

::sigh:: MAJOR SAD FACE.


faithstwin said...

Have you checked out his fan base in the past 15 years? They are of a certain demographic I forgot to bring up while we were on the phone earlier. KC (and vicinity) might be lacking in the type of people he caters to these days, I'm thinking. Pay attention to the last 5 cities you have listed on the schedule...

In fact, that letter we were talking about? I should probably have it sent as follows: "To a city in Spain, Mexico, Cuba or pretty much anywhere in South America. Not sure where he has hunkered down nowadays..."

faithstwin said...

Not Cuba. I meant Chile... sorry.

Faith said...

Yeah, good point.

He hasn't been to KC in yeeaaarrs. And even then, he was out in the college town west of here.

::sigh:: I guess I'm lucky I have the memories I do have of all those concerts of his we went to!

faithstwin said...

Tell you what, next time you're in town I'll let you shake my Morrissey tambourine while I play some loud Moz tunes on my ipod dock. =D

Faith said...

::sigh:: Okay. I guess that'll be sorta the same as going to a concert.


Merley said...

I've seen him twice in KC since 07. I think it's much less demographic and much more the fact that neither venue was even half full.

faithstwin said...

Merley, how dare you insult Morrissey's ego in such a manor! I hereby crown you unfaithful and banish you from further bragidociousness.

However, I DO have a tambourine signed by Mr. Morrissey himself that can be passed along for a few thou...