Friday, September 09, 2011

Nice try, Ho!

Yesterday, the Twin sent me a link to a video that she had found via our older sister's FB page, or wall, or whatever the hell it is that you call it.

Or maybe older sis posted it on Twin's wall? I really have no idea.

Anyway, she sent it to me via email, because she knows I'm not on FB, and wouldn't see it otherwise. And then she told me that everyone (her and older sis, at least) thinks I should create a fake name (like...Faith Smith, I guess?) and join FB with it, and just remain anonymous, if I wanna. So that I don't miss out on shit like this.

But here's the thing...I totally just saw this video posted over at Barefoot Foodie, and yeah, so I might not've watched it (again) had I not already seen it and planned on watching it (again) (because it is so. fucking. FUNNY.), but still.

Point being: I don't have to be on FB in order to get in on the basement level of the super-funny shit that deserves to go viral, dammit. I got in on this video when it had only been watched around 132,000 times. Now it's up to 252,000 views, and maybe it'll be up to 1 million by the end of next week. Who knows?


emawkc said...

That video is lame. It's definitely no HoneyBadger video.

Faith said...

I think it totally rivals honeybadger.

In fact, it sounds a little bit like Randall is the one doing the singing!

"That's how you do it, bitch." :P

faithstwin said...

Emaw, you partypooper. This video is HILARIOUS and I'm sure you would have seen it somewhere else if you hadn't heard it from me first but one never knows so you're welcome! (I totally thought it sounded like Randall, too.)