Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Open letter to Toyota, and the "geniuses" that came up with the latest Prius commercial...

Dear Toyota & Toyota's advertising company,

That Prius commerical you recently released? With all the people that make up one BIG person that's getting out of bed and getting ready for work and then going out to get in its car?

It's CREEPY. I can't even watch the screen when it's being fast-forwarded through, it's so fucking creepy.

Please to be pulling the commercial from all air-times, and release something...less creepy. PLEASE.




Xavier Onassis said...

I completely agree. Horrible, horrible commercials.

faithstwin said...

Me three- I can't watch it either. After the first one when I was all, "What is that? god." It doesn't tell you ANYTING about the car(s) it's presenting; it's not cool; it doesn't make me want to go buy a Prius any more than I wanted to before. Just weird.