Friday, September 16, 2011

Question for the locals/food bloggers/critics...

Last night, Leo said something about how Oklahoma Joe's was supposed to be opening a new location someplace in Leawood sometime this year.

"Shut UP," I replied. "I haven't heard a word about that! It can't be true!" I ran to the computer and looked it up, and wound up finding a KC Business Journal article from May 2011 about how they had submitted plans to take over the old TGI Friday's location on Roe at 119th St.

Thing is, I'm over there all the time to grab salads from the Hen House that semi-shares the parking lot with that building, and the only action I've seen around it is when people park in the empty lot to snarf down the McD's they picked up for lunch.

I've been racking my brain trying to think of a good concept for that empty building for a while now, and I am so. glad. that, if they can come to an agreement, OK Joe's will be going in there. I think it would be a wildly successful spot for them. I know I'd be in there all the damned time, anyway!

So, what say you local people in the food industry know? Why did I have to look this shit up? Why wasn't it reported on Fat City a while ago? Was it reported on Fat City, and I just missed it? That happens from time to time, I guess. And what's the latest word on the opening? Have they come to an agreement on the lease?

I know that not everyone loves Oklahoma Joe's, but I've always enjoyed them in the past when I've had them, even though I've never actually been to one of their restaurants in person! (I've had their food at catered events.) So I'm excited about this, personally. Give me the scoop, if you have it!

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