Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Triple the pain, triple the need for a vacation!

I work for 3 people now. I started out working for 1. I worked for him for 4 years, and then they added another dude to my plate. Not a problem...we've adjusted well, and have learned to manage our schedules around all the fun.

Then they added another dude to my list about 2 months ago.

The thing is, at my company, it's not unusual to run across many admins that work for more than 1, 2, or 3 people. I've met people who manage 5 before, and while that thought makes my stomach turn, they seemed to be ok with it.

In the past, I've managed a whole team of executives under the COO of a company. Meaning, I did their expenses, I helped with HR issues for their hiring/firing, and I took notes in their meetings, all while I assisted the COO with his calendar, expenses, travel arranging, and other meeting needs.

And I made him eat lunch every day, too. (He was my brother in law. So I had a personal interest in him getting the calories he needed in order to get through the day without biting my head off.)

My job at a mortgage company was sort of like that one for the COO, except I was in a regional VP's office, and I ran the processes and procedures for the region's branch locations. So I worked with anywhere from 9 - 15 managers when it came to their reporting, HR onboarding/offboarding, expenses (although I didn't do them for them, I still had to help them a lot), supply ordering, commission processing, and general office running needs. At the same time, I answered the phones in the regional office, managed the VP's calendar and email, handled all the HR files for our region (we were required to have a file for every employee in the region, past and present), ordering supplies for our office, shipping packages (that's a daily occurrence in mortgage offices), and somehow managed to find time to create this here blog in my "down time" that I had there many years ago.

Anyway, it was a "fun" 10 years.

And I was very happy to finally get a job working for just one person when I was hired by my current company.

And I was even ok with them adding another guy after 4 years. They're both great to work for. I like their teams. Sometimes, they might as well be speaking Greek when it comes to their topics of discussion in staff meetings, but I muddle through as best I can for those 1 hour periods each week.

The 3rd guy isn't terrible, by any means. But I think he's still trying to figure out what an admin can and cannot do for him, and it's relatively painful to say "no" to someone I'm supporting. Makes me feel bad/worthless.

BUT. Since he's not even able to fire me, I try to let it roll off my back.

Today, I'm feeling that whole "too many cooks in the kitchen" feeling. My original boss? He's fine. Couldn't be better. We're still functioning well together and getting shit done.

But the other boss is used to being a bit more...god, I don't know how to put it. But if it helps, when I was thinking about it, I did a scattered-type jazz hands motion at my monitor as I tried to come up with a specific term.

For instance, we're trying to pull together a large move that our team will be doing at the end of October. I'm the point of contact (or "POC") for my original boss's team, and for my new boss's team. The other guy that I just got assigned to 2 months ago already had someone working on it for his team, so I'm spared the pain of that.

Old boss's team has a new area assigned to it. So I sent out a map, and told the managers that we need to pick spaces for their employees to sit in, and we need to have a meeting next week to go over it quickly and painlessly. Done.

The NEW boss's team...they had another guy working on their space, for some reason. I don't know how or why he got involved since I'M THE POC FOR THAT TEAM, but it's now junked everything up, and is making an already difficult process even MORE of a pain in my ass.

And to top it all off, some dude out in our east coast office is trying to figure out how to get a lock for his docking station. I clarified, "Do you mean for your laptop?" No, they mean for their docking station. I said, "If people are having a problem with docking stations getting stolen out there, we need to report it to security. And also, what a weird thing to steal!" The response was that security used to do rounds on the building and leave notes/warnings when they found docking stations unlocked.

Um, no. They never have done that. They did that for LAPTOPS, seeing as they cost a significant amount of money, and have security-sensitive info on them, but not for docking stations. I didn't even know you could lock a docking station to the desk, for fuck's sake.

I started to respond to the email about how people had gotten warnings about leaving docking stations unlocked at one point in time, but then I just thought, "You know what? I don't fucking care." I really don't. I had a docking station sitting on my desk for 4 years without issue, and had it ever been stolen, I'd let security know and then I'd order a new one. I don't even have one for my current computer because I can just plug all the shit directly into it without the help of the docking station. Takes me an extra 30 seconds every morning and afternoon when I plug it in and when I unplug it. If I ever get tired of doing that, I'll ask my boss if I can spend the $72 and get a fucking docking station. Whatevs.

Anyway, I'm annoyed by work today. Not sure if that was obvious or not. Just thought I would share. And now I need to go figure out that move situation with another admin. So, hopefully this ending isn't too disjointed. GAH.

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faithstwin said...

No. No... The GAH at the end pulled it all around (envision me making circling motions with my palms facing down extending towards the screen).

I have no way to relate as I haven't worked FOR people in a few years and even those assholes were awesome until they became assholes all at once. I can't imagine it being a gradual situation- not even gradual. Intermittent, really. Cuz sometimes all is smooth and KUSC-ish when they play Bach or Handel or even Mozart. But then your company becomes Sirius POPS-ish and they seem to toss in some weird mandolin-with-harpsichord rendition of 'We Are The Champions' and it gets you all worked up and I want to call in and yell, "Go back to Bach! Go back to Bach!"