Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Twin takes on the challenge of the "popcorn" chicken...

By the way, the Twin took it upon herself to go to KFC yesterday and get some popcorn chicken to see if there was any truth behind their advertising.

Unfortunately, she didn't look inside the pieces of popcorn chicken to see whether they were made of whole breast meat, as claimed in the commercial. She just was interested in the fact that they called it "popcorn" chicken when half the container wasn't exactly what we consider "popcorn" size. But I wanted to post the video anyway. Because she's awesome for going and doing that. :D


faithstwin said...

Ummm, might I just point out how amazing my nails look? They do. I need to file them down because I know they will start breaking but I am so caught up with the look of them I can't do it.

Faith said...

Your nails DO look good in there!

(Have you noticed that the comments area on my blog posts has apparently become and area for just you and I to chat without using the phone?)

faithstwin said...

Yes I have. I guess you're just writing about boring stuff. Step it up a bit with some current events or something.

Faith said...


Yeah, there's something I wanted to write about from the news that happened yesterday that might be interesting. We'll see...

Nuke said...

Sorry I usually read from my phone, & only bother to type anything out if I have anything witty or helpful to say.

I'll just toss out some bullet points before my conference call.
- Twin, did you eat the popcorn chicken? If so how was your tummy after?
- I miss Jeffers
- Faith, has the doc helped you manage your booty pain?
- Love a nun race!
- Sounds like somebody on the new bosses team likes to feel large & in charge. You gotta nip that shit in the buds!
- Did you get an e-mail from me last month? I may have the wrong address.

Aaaaaand that's all I got for you ladies today. Keep those doggies rollin, Rawhide!