Monday, September 12, 2011

Um, you got your angle wrong, KFC.

Watched a lot of football this weekend. Yesterday, after the disaster that was the Chiefs game was over, we were watching the San Diego game, and then of course that awesome, awesome Jets game last night.

What a fucking fabulous weekend!

That said, I watched a few too many KFC commercials over and over, and got a little bothered by this new angle they've decided to attack other fast food places on.

What part of the chicken is a "nugget," they want to know?

And then they start talking about their "popcorn chicken" (which I had once back in 2000, and it sucked, btw) (I remember when it was because I was dating this one particular guy at the time, and we were only together during the year 2000, so that's how I can recall it) (not that anyone was obsessing over that part of this post, or anything...just wanted to clear it up, that that was pretty much the last time I can remember eating at a KFC), and how it's so much more superior to any nuggets that exist at other fast food places.

Um, so...what part of the chicken is "popcorn"?

Yeah, it's a dumb fucking commercial, is my point. People shouldn't eat that shit anyway, except on rare occassion, and if they do? I'm willing to bet that they don't give a flying shit whether they're eating a nugget made of meat pushed together and breaded, or a little popcorny bite of chicken that is basically a ruined crunchy horrible bit of chicken breast that has been fried to the point where it's only edible thanks to the help of a likely very fattening sauce that you dip it into to soften it up a little.

Just my 2 cents, anyway.


faithstwin said...

Dude to my odd weekend I was only able to catch the very end of the USC vs. Utah game. Literally. That whole :22 debacle and then the end when the entire retarded SC team and staff RAN onto the field killing the moment for that player? I hope he gets to tan their asses with a whip for that shit.

In any case, I have only witnessed one KFC commercial lately and I seem to have blocked it out as I usually do with their commercials since I don't eat their crap ever. I'm sorry it was so irritating for you but the last time I ate their popcorn chicken (sometime in 2005, I'm sure) I remember I liked it because it was mostly fried skin. And who doesn't enjoy fried skin now and then?

faithstwin said...

"Dude to my odd weekend"<--- this is my new opening phrase now. Catch up with it, yo.

(I had some other stuff written in there but it somehow magically erased and the result is 'dude to my odd weekend'.)

Faith said...

Hahahahaha! All of that is awesome. :D

Fried skin? That is NOT what they say is in their popcorn chicken!

The more I talk about it, the more I want it, though. DAMMIT.

faithstwin said...

No, they say something about it being "bits of the chicken that fall off in the hand breading process..." Hmmm... fried skin maybe? I went and found the commercial on youtube- cuz I have time:

That popcorn chicken they show repeatedly in the commercial does NOT resemble ANY popcorn chicken I remember getting at their place the last time I ate it. I'm tempted to go get some right now and take my own video of what they are actually serving. Cuz I have time.

Faith said...

I know, right? That was why I ordered their popcorn chicken oh so long ago in the first place. It sounded good!

But it wound up just hurting my teeth. :/