Friday, October 21, 2011

Annnd, the day comes to a halting STOP.

The Twin is at the cemetary right now, wanting to change my mom and dad's separate headstones to one single headstone, with a picture of the both of them on it.

So she needed all us kids to text her our "ok" on the plan. I approve, so I replied as such.

The she sent the picture she plans to put on the new headstone, and...

...well, now instead of being a productive, gettin'-work-done admin, I'm a blubbery mess.

Good GOD, I miss my parents!


Lushy said...


faithstwin said...

Sorry it's so blury- I was all sad and shaky when I took the pic of the pic. My stupid scanner at home isn't working and I've just been all out of sorts going through pictures again cataloging them in prep for scanning to disc.

I should have sent you guys the pic of them back in the 70's when they went to a Paul Anka concert in Vegas. I totally could have fucked with y'all a bit. I'm just not myself today. *sigh*

Nora said...

Aw...big hugs. It never does go away does it?

I had a yard sale this weekend, and a guy started walking down the drive and I did a double take and my heart stopped for a sec. He could have been my dad's twin. Right down to the raggedy mustache and glasses. I told him that he looked like my dad who had passed 8 yrs ago, and he gave me a hug. When he left, I cried.

Big hugs your way.