Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Damn you, drive-thru car wash!

I've been needing to wash my car pretty badly. It's needed it for at least a week, and then Friday morning on my way to the gym, the construction dust on a local highway made a mess all over the sides of the car as I drove through it, and made it even MORE urgent.

I planned on going out at lunch on Friday and getting it done. But then little satan guy in my head decided he wanted to play, and my day was shot to hell.

I don't know why I didn't get it done over the weekend. Just didn't think about it, for some reason.

So yesterday, I knew it had to be done. I thought about leaving at lunch time and going to Waterway down the street, but I wound up being busy through lunch. So I figured I could drive through the quicky wash on my way home from the chiropractor instead.

Something was telling me to take it to Waterway. Something deep inside my brain was uncomfy with the drive-thru wash place, but I couldn't figure out why. I've driven through it many times without issue, so I just ignored the worry, and drove through the wash as usual.

And as usual, I pulled over when I was done, and walked around my car to check and make sure there wasn't any damage done while I was in there.

Turns out, I was having a psychic moment with that whole uncomfy feeling. There were two deep scratches right up the front of my hood after the wash. I went over and told the guy in the booth, and he came to check it out. As we walked to where I'd parked my car, he asked me if I did anything while I was going through the wash? "Did you put your foot on the brake?" I tried not to roll my eyes, and just said, "Nah...I was singing along with my music. I don't think that's against the rules though..." He said he didn't mean to be rude, and I assured him I was just kidding around. I understood why he had to ask the question.

The shitty thing about it all is that the construction dirt is still fucking there. AND I have scratches on my hood, to boot.

I'm waiting for the owner of the wash to call me about the issue. ::sigh:: I'll always listen to those instincts that try to warn me from now on. Stupid, stupid, stupid...


faithstwin said...

I've never driven cars that fit those things (the 'drive-thru' ones here are the ones attached to gas stations...) so I've never had to deal with damage.

When older sister and I drove across country in her Volvo that time we went through one that tore off the wind protection thingie up on the sun roof and I know she never saw any money from that hick town car wash due to their disclaimer.

I'm hoping your experience with this car wash is MUCH closer to mine with my wheel replacement.

Faith said...

Yeah, we'll see. The kid was all, "We do have a sign that warns that we don't have any responsibility when things like your windshield gets damaged..." And I was all, "Good thing it's not my windshield then, eh?"

I think he was half-baked, to be honest. :/

faithstwin said...

*sigh* Yes, it sounds like you should have gone with your gut on this. WTF could have caused the scratches- any idea?

Faith said...

There was one of those buffer rolly thingies that, at one point, was headed straight for the front of my car, instead of being off to the side, like they usually are. So maybe that?

I also thought that perhaps one of the cars in front of me (it was busy last night) perhaps had a bit of dirt that was kinda rocky that could have gotten stuck on those octopus arm flappy thingies that hang from the ceiling and spread soap on the car, or whatever, and maybe it hit my car, and scratched it.

Not sure, really. It's weird that it was right up the middle of my hood. Sucks.

faithstwin said...

Yeah. Maybe it's time to call one of those pro detailers that will come to YOU. (I have a douche in my neighborhood that does that every saturday for his 3 cars. It's annoying but MAN they get your car sparkly...)

Sebastian Gaydos said...

Try thinking twice before deciding to do something. I hope all is well with your car. I've never experienced what you have gone through because I don't let others handle car washing duties but me. I'm afraid of getting scratches on my car, and that's why the only person who gets to wash it is me.

Sebastian Gaydos