Friday, October 07, 2011

I am somewhat blocked.

I clearly haven't been posting this week. It's been busy at work, is all. And in a good way, finally! So I've been enjoying it, really.

Of course, as an outskirt Kansas Citian, I've been closely following the missing Baby Lisa story, and as a quasi-psychic, I have to say I've had a bad gut feeling about it since the beginning. When the news came in this morning that her mother (supposedly) failed a polygraph test, I just shook my head and said, "I knew it!" Now, whether that's all true, or what the reasons are behind it all remains to be seen.

But a stranger did not walk into that house and steal their baby. THAT I am pretty damned sure of.

My personal thoughts are that some kind of tragic accident might've happened, either with the baby being left unattended in the bath, or one of her older half-siblings doing something accidentally to her that wound up resulting in her death...and that's when the family came up with this kidnapping story. To cover up her sudden disappearance.

Anyway, we'll see how it all washes in the next week, I'd bet, but in the meantime, if that baby IS still alive, I hope she's with someone who's caring for her.

Aside from that, this week in the Smith Homefront, we have discovered termites in our walls, wasps in our attic (Leo said there were at least 8 or 9 nests that he saw before crawling his ass back out of there again - AWESOME), and while we were considering replacing the carpet in the basement due to some water damage it had incurred from a broken sprinkler head next to the foundation wall, I think we're going to put that off until we find out just how much work we're going to have to do to deal with the critters we found upstairs.

I'm pretty calm about it, really. I'm taking each issue one at a time, and trying to keep Leo in a calm place as well. The house is a solid one. It may have some nooks and crannies here and there that will give us a little trouble, but we'll deal with it over time. And in the meantime, we will live in our lovely home, and stay warm when it's cold out, and cool when it's hot out, and have LOTS of people over to visit, and love it all the same.

That's the important thing.

One more update: I talked to the owner of the car wash about the damage done to my car on Monday afternoon. He was very cool about it, and told me to get a quote from the body shop that does the fixing for the dealership, and then bring it by for him to review. So all is better there, too.

And I really, really think that my next car will be some sort of old beater that I don't care about going through a car wash and getting damage done. Or getting a dent in the door from a careless coworker in the parking garage.

We'll see...

Happy Friday everyone! Have a great weekend...


faithstwin said...

First of all, you know how I am. This poor child is probably no longer alive and not only do I get my usual 'feeling' when I see her picture but I just want to cry ridiculously hard as well.

The deatils are so sketchy- the dad came home from work and looked in her crib and found her missing? Who was supposed to be watching her? Unless the reporting is just that poor, I don't understand how so much can go on and the other people in the house wouldn't notice it at all. And if Baby Lisa had a cold, wouldn't you be hyper aware of her breathing and notice any little sound?

I have a feeling it may have been an overdose of cold meds or something.

I ALWAYS hope my 'feeling' is wrong and still do in this case and wish the baby is found safe and sound somewhere.

Bummer about the house stuff but just be glad you found the termites sooner than later and the wasps are no big deal in the long run- just gotta find where they are coming in.

I'm waiting on a roof repair company right now- we have a leak in the girls bathroom we just discovered after that big rain. Ahhh homeownership!

Faith said...

Homeownership, indeed. ::sigh::

The wasps do seem to be keeping to themselves for the time being. But scares the shit out of us to think about how many babies they're having in there, and what they might do if they tried to get in the house at all! AUGH!

From what I've heard lately about the Baby Amy thing: her dad was working his 1st overnight shift ever.

Weird timing.

Her mom put her to bed and last checked on her at 10:30 p.m. and all was fine.

Her other 2 kids were also in bed.

They had 3 cell phones in the kitchen that were apparently taken by the babynapper. When they realized she was gone at 4 a.m., they ran around screaming "Call 911!" but couldn't do so, because they realized the phones were all gone, too.

Which makes me wonder why the hell the dad went to work without his phone. I mean, it happens - fine. But still. Why do they have 3 phones for only 2 adults? Also odd, IMO.

Anyway, I understand that if they truly had no involvement in the disappearance, they're tired, scared, frustrated, and probably don't appreciate the continued questioning by the police in the matter.

But here's the deal: the police have found no evidence of an intruder, it seems. They now have a failed polygraph by the mom. They have reason to continue their badgering, if you ask me.

Faith said...

Sorry...I meant Baby Lisa. Not Baby Amy. Whoops!

Nuke said...

Glad you are so Zen about your critters! I sometimes think that home ownership is suggested by others because they want to share the pain. As for the car, great news!

From the time I heard the intruder story in the baby's disappearance I have been convinced it wasn't random. The more rumors & even facts that come to light the more it sounds like an episode of Law & Order (and of course it would be the parents on TV). The FBIdescending on the landfill today made me shiver.

faithstwin said...

Oh yeah- totally they need to stay on questioning that mom. Something just is NOT right.

I read that the 3rd cell phone was one the dad was 'working on'. It wasn't in working condition when it was taken. But it is definitely odd timing that it was his first overnight shift AND he forgot to take his cell phone.

I just read over on ABC7 that there may be a couple the FBI is now watching here in CA. ??? Weird.

Nuke, I sure hope someone didn't throw that baby in the trash. Makes me sick to think of it. She is SOOOO cute.