Thursday, October 13, 2011

Maybe I need to rethink my stance on stupid people...

...because they can be really entertaining!

I've taken to reading the comments on the stories about missing Baby Lisa over on the KMBC website since she disappeared. These were a couple of my favorites from yesterday:

"The parents of this baby don't appear to be too concerned. And I don't believe the mother's cries on TV. I would be a nervous wreck. Did the police check their home and also every closet plus basement. Why was it so easy to get into the window. My first born child'a crib was in our bedroom until he was ready for his own room and we had a two bedroom apartment. Our windows were locked and our bedroom door stayed open. I hope they find this baby soon and alive."

"I am going to keep up with this story and if I have anymore suggestions I will comment on it. I hope my thoughts prove to be helpful on this situation. One more thing, this baby could now be in another town or state."

[Emphasis on certain sentences is my own. Because HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!]

Those were both from the same commenter, mind you.

Also, keep in mind that the baby has been gone now for 10 days. So I'm sitting there laughing as I read those, thinking to myself, "Well I bet the authorities haven't even considered the fact that if she was kidnapped, the baby could be in an entirely different town or even STATE by now! Dadgum it!"

And then the next comment was in response to the above ones:

"I think you should take your suggestions to the police. Someone needs to tell the police to check the home and ALL the closets!"

Hehehehe! I don't have an account on that website. I haven't signed up there in order to keep my sanity in check, because arguing or discussing issues with some of the mental giants that comment there would surely decrease my quality of life, yo.

But that comment really helped to make me feel less alone in reading all this nonsense.

And then one of my friends sent me this link the other day, and we discussed the craziness from the website for a while. It's a page devoted to some of the more stupid responses to Steve Jobs's death out in Social Media Land, but my "favorite" part has to be at the very beginning. The FB discussion between Javon and Sam about Ben Franklin and Albert Einstein "inventing" electricity and gravity, respectively, was enough to make even MY ovaries hurt a little bit. Like, maybe I'm doing the world a disservice by not procreating? Maybe we'll wind up with people like Javon and Sam teaching young kids one day about the benefits of gravity and electricity having been "invented" all those many years ago. And how, without those inventions, we'd be listlessly floating in space without a way to plug in our computers...

I need to stop. My head is about to explode.

Anyway, I'm trying to be more positive, is the thing. Looking at the stupid as being more of a form of entertainment rather than a source of annoyance helps in that regard.

God knows how long it will last...


faithstwin said...

Well yes, all is well and peaceful while we sit indoors protected from these people by solid walls and shit. But what about when we have to leave and we are sharing the road with them? When they are in front of us in line? When they are going to the doctor with a cold spreading their germs around?

Seriously, though, I've been talking to oldest about my judgmental issues. I've been brutally honest about my ways in order to try and cut off the growing behavior problems I see in both of the girls. It's really really hard to do... but she misunderstands when I am simply making an observation and when I am obviously passing judgement. For example: yesterday we were out and about and decided to get some thai food for dinner. We didn't have the luxury of ordering ahead so we had to sit and wait. While waiting a boy came up on his bike, proceeded to chat it up with some customers that were sitting outside, then came in and ordered some food to go. Next thing I know he is back in the kitchen getting his own thai iced tea and Oldest and I looked at each other so I openly mentioned that it was 'weird'. She instantly agreed but mentioned I was being judgemental. I told her that was NOT a judgement, it was an observation.


Faith said...

I might've seen it as a bit odd, too.

But then I'd probably reason with myself that he obviously works there, and was stopping by to grab a bite on a day off/during off hours for himself. OR he's related to the owner, or something.

I don't think it was you being judgemental at all. Definitely just see it as something random and somewhat different to observe in your day to day experiences.