Monday, October 17, 2011

The snoring chronicals

"Dude, you're snoring. Turn on your side."

::loud snoring sound::

::pokes Leo:: "HON. Please, turn're snoring really loud!"

"Mfhuan..." ::snoring sound::

::continues trying to read::

::loud snoring from Leo's side of the bed::

"HONEEEYYY. Please, you're really loud tonight! Turn on your siiiiide!"

Leo, quiet for a moment, suddenly reaches over to his side table and turns on his bedside lamp.

::looks over at Leo:: "Um, what are you doing?"

"It was dark." Leo is lying on his pillow with his eyes closed, clearly still planning on sleeping, which generally is an activity he performs with his light OFF. A pillow he had propped behind his head falls on his face. He bats it away like it's a bug. He smiles. And he is clearly still asleep.

I go back to reading for a bit, and then I get up to go turn off Leo's lamp, and then switch mine off as well as I climb back into bed.

Leo's snoring has mercifully stopped.

He is so weird.


faithstwin said...

*sigh* Soooo many reasons I am single. This is one of them.

I love that he turned the lamp on in the midst of his restlessness, though. =D

Faith said...

I know! It was so funny...I didn't have a chance to discuss it with him this morning, but I'll bring it up tonight to let him know what he did. He likely won't remember it at all. :D

Ryan the Girl said...

Ahahaha, my SO is the same way with the damn snoring. I usually say something like "babe, you're snoring, can you turn over?" and he always says "ok" and then doesn't move! Also, he laughs in his sleep all the time!