Thursday, October 27, 2011

What? I had a lot of boxes...I built a fort. SO?

We're moving at work. Not a huge distance, or anything, but moving is moving in my world. I man one of the supply "cabinets." It's not so much a "cabinet" as it is a bunch of drawers in different cabinets I keep at my desk. Anyway, point is, I have lots of shit to move with me.

Enough shit that, once I packed it all, I was able to build a small fort.
It is nice and quiet in my fort. I had a helium balloon kit from a party years ago that was stashed under my desk. Guess what? IT STILL WORKS! So I blew up some balloons to make my fort a bit more festive.

Does someone dare approach my powerful Fortress of Fry-Wagner???
Aw, that's ok. It's a smiley fortress. Hence the balloons.

YAY for being done packing! And everyone has, so far, respected the boundaries of the fort. And so my job is done here.


faithstwin said...

I didn't notice the balloons in the pic you sent to my phone. Nice touch.

Faith said...

People keep asking me what the balloons are for.

"They're the turrets."


It's a day when we're usually handing out candy to wandering kiddos here on campus, and because of the move, we aren't doing it this year. So people keep thinking I have candy, because of the balloons. "Nope. They're just my turrets to my fort."

faithstwin said...

Awww- that's such a sucker punch! They get all excited seeing your fortress and all, expecting some goodness for having the guts to approach Crazy Faith in the first place only to be told they can have no candy! That's cold, dude.

Nora said...

I want a fortress dammit! **stamps foot**