Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Apparently, just hacking my email wasn't enough!

We need buffalo meat in our house. Since we don't shop at Whole Foods anymore, it's become hard to find. The stores we tend to shop at don't sell it. So I went to order some online today...

...and promptly had my Amex card declined. So I used my Visa instead, and then went to my Amex account to see what was up. Apparently, it was on hold due to possible fraud.

Some asshole had charged something to the card in a nightclub in New York, and tickets had been purchased for a train line in Europe.

No...not charges that I've made, thanks! So they're taking care of it, and cancelling my old card and sending a new one out right away. Awesome.

Is it coincidental that this happened a few days after my email was hacked on my home computer? The home computer where our house guest took it upon themself to download a new search engine without permission, and for no apparent good reason?

Yeah, someone isn't getting invited back anytime soon, dammit. GRRRR!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Entitlement Age

Don't you love it when you have a young guest in your house that decides that you need to have a new search browser added to your computer system, and just adds it without asking permission?

And then they try telling you that it's a better search engine because it protects better than IE from viruses and stuff...?

But then you get a text from your brother the day after the guest fucked with your shit telling you that your email account was hacked?

That's always fun.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ooooohhh...well, that makes sense, then.

It was a gallbladder attack, I'm almost 100% sure now. My symptoms fit it all pretty well. The fact that I thought I was better yesterday, and then got taken down by the meanest, nastiest stomach ache (that crawled up into my right chest area) after simply eating a turkey sandwich for lunch was my biggest clue. But then I read about how a symptom of an attack is a headache, focused on the right side of the face? I had that, too!

Anyway, I don't think I had the flu, after all. And so far today [looks around stealthily for hidden evil waiting to attack] I'm doing all right. I went to my acupuncture appointment last night, and my doctor said that my esophogus, gallbladder, and lower intestine were all in a bad place, and he attended to them with his needles. He also gave me some physical therapy-type "homework" that I can do, and which I have been doing. And I felt tremendously better within an hour of the appointment ending.

Such amazing stuff!

So. Today, I will be leaving work early, and heading to the salon for a little mani/pedi action, and a blow out so I can be as pretty as possible for my in-laws that all arrive later today. And I'll eat sushi for lunch, and be careful about what I eat for dinner, and hopefully, my stomach will be full recovered by tomorrow.

I want mashed potatoes, dammit!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I'm personally thankful that the evil, horrid putridness in my stomach seems to have abated for the time being, but I really hope you all are thankful for way better stuff than that this week! :D

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hot and sour soup to the rescue!

I feel 90% better today than I did yesterday. Wound up going home a bit early from work and crashing out on the couch at home. And then Leo picked up some rice and hot and sour soup for me from the Chinese place down the street from us.

And by 7 p.m., or so, I was feeling the turn around coming. I slept well last night, and woke up this morning without any problem. I ate breakfast and everything!


My stomach is still a wee bit upset, but the nausea is gone. And IMO, it's the nausea that makes things so much harder to deal with throughout the day. SO GLAD it went away!

Bring on the Thanksgiving festivities!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Ah, the plague! What *great* timing.

I have a flu bug, or e.coli, or some such shit right now. Came down with it late Saturday, thought it was just a fun IBS reaction to the salad I ate at lunch, and felt better later. But then Sunday, it hit me like a truck, and took me down while grocery shopping with Leo. I mean, not literally...I was just very, very ill-feeling all of a sudden, and wanted to go home.

Off and on I'm getting lovely waves of overwhelming nausea. But then they go away. And I get hungry. So I eat a meal, and then BAM. The plague sets in again.

I'm at work...I don't have a fever, and I've stopped myself up with enough pepto bismol that I'm comfortable enough being here. I'm not throwing up. I'm just headachey and super-tired, and right now I'm nauseous again.

Of course this had to happen the week we're getting 7 people in town for a visit. OF FUCKING COURSE.

It had better be gone by tomorrow, dammit. Or I'm gonna be pissed.

Friday, November 18, 2011

I'm Ziggy Stardust era David freaky deaky and get an eyepatch, man.

(Leo just downloaded 2 seasons of Flight of the Conchords, and we watched the "Bowie" episode last night. Good GOD, I love those guys! Gratuitous clip for your viewing pleasure at the bottom of the post. )

Ok, so here are some fun tips for you to end the week with...

Animals Being Dicks. (If you haven't seen it yet, you're welcome. If you HAVE seen it, go look at a bunch of the GIFs all over again. This one keeps making me laugh over and over. As does this one. Aaannnd this one. ::dies::)

Olay Smooth Finish Hair Removal Duo. (I have the most sensitive skin known to man on my upper lip. I can't have it waxed, and even many home hair removal products have been known to irritate the skin to the point of making me break out after using them. So it was a great pleasure when I used the new Olay product last week, and no side-effects occurred. Except the hair-being-removed thing, which was the whole point, so I dunno if I'd call that a side-effect, per se. But in case you were wondering about it, it was awesome. Go get it. Use it. Be upper-lip hair free.)

Tired of the old stuffing recipes you've been making year in and year out during the holidays? Dude. Duuude. Try this one: Sourdough Bread Stuffing. People love it. YOU will love it. So, sooo good.

Need a ride to the airport? Or maybe you're like us, and you have family coming in from out of town soon, but they're getting in at a relatively inconvenient hour? Reserve a car ride to/from the airport instead of driving yourself. It's so calming. It's WAY more relaxing than driving yourself, especially in ucky weather! We use Overland Limousine for our airport rides. They are really reasonably priced, and the drivers are always courteous, and friendly, and on time. HIGHLY recommend them.

And now I'm off to get my work completed before the weekend hits. Happy Friday, all!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mid-life Crisis 101

So what do you do when both you AND your partner/spouse/person you share your space with harmoniously have a mid-life crisis going on? How do you fix it? What do you SAY to each other?

Most importantly, how does it all wind up working out?

Leo is flailing in his desire to go to school. The only thing it seems he’s truly enjoying right now is his ability to be creative and express his artistic notions in his ceramics class he’s taking. He can’t make sense of English, he couldn’t focus properly in order to succeed in his furniture history class, and he’s feeling very out of sorts about it all.

I don’t blame him one bit.

He told me that his therapist asked him last week what would make him satisfied? What would make him feel more satisfied with what he’s doing day to day?

I said, “Hell, I don’t even know the answer to that question! Like, sitting here thinking about what I could do that would make me feel like I’m fulfilling my position as a human being on this planet? I have no answer for that.”

I’m flailing in my enjoyment of my work as much as Leo is with this whole school issue. I still love my coworkers, and my bosses…but I feel lost. I feel unable to keep up with it all. I have more and more moments of “oops!” and less and less of the “I’m a kick-ass admin!” ones. I’m mixing up everyone’s schedules in my mind. I’m realizing once the weekend hits that I focused too much on one boss’s calendar for the following week, and I might’ve totally dropped the ball on the other ones I have under my care.

Am I getting old? Or am I just getting to a “don’t care” point that might become detrimental to all those I support? If so, does that mean it’s time to get out?

I told Leo that I really want to volunteer and help out in the community, and I think THAT would make me feel more satisfied with my life at the end of each day. He said, “But you’d basically be doing what you do already, right? Helping people?” I said it’d be different, though. Helping people by filling administrative gaps, organizing and assisting wherever needed because I have the time and willingness to do so is just so different than doing it because you’re getting paid to do it.

I hate to say it, but one of the only things keeping me in my position right now at my job is the health care. Leo said he could go get a job at the Starbucks down the street, and he could be the healthcare person for a while.

I dunno. We’re both feeling a bit useless. A bit of a need to wander, I think. And we don’t know how to fix it.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Is saving energy just a home-related activity?

If I walk past one more empty conference room here at work where the lights are all full on and blazing, I might flip my lid.

Why is it so hard for people to freaking TURN OFF THE LIGHTS when they leave a room?

It's just fucking stupid, is what it is. SHEESH!

Monday, November 07, 2011

Not all leftovers are unpleasant...

Last week, like all faint-hearted Americans who do not want their houses to get egged and/or TP’d on Halloween (or any night thereafter, truthfully), Leo and I went to Costco (where you can’t let on to your faint-heartedness or else YOU WILL DIE) to get some candy to hand out for our first Halloween in the new digs.

We considered shutting our lights off and ignoring the troops, however big they may be, but we haven’t lived there long enough to be completely aware of the amount of little shitness that inhabits our neighborhood. It could be a very small amount of little shits live there. But, as one of the houses (where 2 little kids live – not known yet whether they’re little shits, mind you) down the street from us was TP’d not even 2 weeks ago, we thought it best not to take any chances.

Anywho, Halloween was had, kids came and got candy, neighbors commented awesomely about the house and our couch and light fixtures they could see through the front door, and then the Chiefs won, The End.

So Leo puts the leftover bags of candy next to my purse for me to take to work with me, which I did, and I’ve been sharing the leftover bounty happily with all who pass my cube ever since.

And then Friday night, I’m chatting with Leo in the kitchen, and notice he’s eating some candy. “Where’d you get that candy?” I asked. “Nowhere.”

(I live with a 12 year old. ::sigh::)

I notice him eating more candy later, but I was about 4 beers in after abstaining for a few days last week, so I didn’t give two fucks, really. I just had more beer, and watched Bored To Death, and laughed and laughed and laughed…

Saturday morning, I went to throw something away in the kitchen garbage, and noticed a Twix wrapper on top. Prior to that, I thought Leo had maybe stashed some crappy sugary candy he likes, like the weird sour Twizzlers that came in the bag we bought. Or the random “chewy” Lemonheads that are actually just sour jelly beans in disguise. But that he probably gave me the rest to bring to work with me.

BUT NO! Dude was hiding CHOCOLATE from me somewhere, and not just chocolate, but chocolate covered caramel and crispy cookie.


No matter. He was at school. I had about 7 hours to look around for his private candy stash, although it only took me about 3 seconds to walk across the dining room to the slightly open closet doors by the stairs. I had been in there twice last week to get different coats out, but hadn’t thought to look at anything other than my coats while I was in there.

Sure enough, on the shelf above the coats, there was the big bowl that we had put all the candy in for Halloween night. I went to take it down, and felt the weight of it immediately. That bowl was FULL of candy!

Given, I've been happy about being able to enjoy it for the last couple of days, and it will be nice to have more to share with my coworkers throughout the next few weeks. But still...sneaky bastard!

Thursday, November 03, 2011

We're too lazy to make up new names. (a.k.a. The Post With A Lo-hoooot of Pictures)

I think we're finally done decorating the new house. We had the goal to get it taken care of prior to Thanksgiving, since we have all of Leo's family coming into town to visit us that weekend, and we needed to make sure we have plenty of beds, and towels, and plates, and know, the essentials.

And we reached that goal! Yay! (Well, except for the alcohol part. We keep seeming to need to replenish that stock from week to week, for some reason.)

Anyway, I thought I'd show y'all the products of our hard work. Which has mostly been Leo's hard work. But I helped here and there. So I COUNT, DAMMIT.

Firstly, there was the master bath. Actual construction had to take place in there, which was a pain in the ass, but well worth it. The mirrors were all out of date, and the storage was funky, and the lights See illustration in photo of old sink area below:
See how they aren't lined up with the center of the sinks? Harder to see on the light on the left, but the one straight ahead should be obvious. (I pointed it out, just in case.) Anyway, that sort of shit drives a semi-OCD chick like myself absolutely BONKERS. So we moved the lights over to center over the sinks, installed the corner cabinet so we have someplace to put all my stuff (I'm a girl...we have a lot of stuff), and put up medicine cabinets instead of the 80's wall o' mirror.

Et voila! Ahhhh...SO much better!

This is what the master bed area looked like before we decorated and all that good stuff..

And now, it looks much more homey. That's the Twin's "Suedehead" painting above the fireplace, there. It was one of the pieces that the (fucking idiot!) mover lost, but was thankfully recovered after I was contacted directly by another customer of his that received a bunch of our stuff along with her move.

I think it's perfect in there. Her other painting that I have is up in one of our guest rooms, although I don't have a picture of it.

We have these little archways in both of our fireplaces, where the previous owners had hung these big crosses, and the one in our master bedroom has a little shelf on it. So I started looking for the perfect items to put there. The screw was still in the wall from the cross they had hung there, and I thought maybe a little hanging terrerium would be good for that space. It wasn't long before I found a link to a seller through Dooce, I think it was, and they had the perfect terreriums (and aeriums!) for me to choose from. Or maybe I just found them through a random Google search...I can't remember. Anyway, this chick named Flora Grubb has a store in LA called Flora Grubb Gardens, oddly enough, and again...perfect stuff. Very cool stuff. Go and check them out!

Here are a couple of the lovely little aeriums that I got from the site. (Aeriums are little plants that don't require soil to live. So I just squirt them every now and then with a spray bottle, and they're happy little plants!)

And this is the lovely terrerium I wound up getting. Isn't he cute!
At the other end of the bedroom is our sitting area, next to Leo's closet and the entrance to the bathroom. We still have to find an ottoman of some sort for that space. So that is one thing that's missing. Also, I want to eventually recover this couch in an outdoor fabric, and keep it in our backyard. So we'll need new chairs or a couch for that replacement in the future, but it's gonna be a while.
Off to the guest rooms!

We gave each guest room a nickname, in order to help keep them straight when discussing their decor, when we first moved in. This, for instance, is the wolf room. For obvious reasons:

And here's what it looks like now...

That's the only guest room with a king sized bed in it. It's a pretty sweet room, IMO.

Next to the wolf room is the No Light Room. So named because, well...there was no light in there before we moved in. This was what it looked like when the previous owners lived there:

I'm a fan of lamps, don't get me wrong! But I'm also a fan of being able to walk in, flip a switch, and be able to see. And while there was a switch right next to the door, we couldn't find the connection it had to any outlets in the room. None at all. It was a fake switch. We had two electricians check it out, and they both said the same thing. Weird. So we installed the chandelier from our old master bedroom in there, and now there is light!

We also put the wedding quilt that Leo's mom made for us on that bed, and it wound up looking really pretty in there. We picked up some curtains that we think complement it well, and over all, it's a lovely little room.

Lastly, there's the Guest Suite. We call it that because it's got an ensuite bathroom, whereas the no light room and the wolf room share a bath at the other end of the house. It was NOT our style at all. All the rooms upstairs were painted yellow, and it made me want to rip my eyeballs out (i.e. I'm not a fan of yellow).
I picked up the bedframe in this room from for a whopping $380, or some shit. It was AWESOME. It, unfortunately, didn't come with instructions for putting it together, and the customer service people were pretty heinous toward Leo when he called asking for them to be emailed or sent out or something, so I can't give them a 100% glowing review. But, nonetheless, cheap bedframe that's actually really nice quality. Take it for what you will...
The table and the chair on the other side of the room are the last two purchases we made from Home Decorators Collection, out of many, many other things that we purchased from the store after buying the house. When we bought them, one of the salepeople recognized us and asked us if everything was coming together yet. Yeah, we were in there a LOT. But they're seriously reasonable with their pricing, and have a wide variety of options. I feel lucky that they have a store just down the street! We ordered everything we wanted there, and had it sent to the shipping! Leo had to make several trips to pick everything up from time to time, but otherwise, no complaints.
So that's it, dammit. No more decorating!

This year, anyway...

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Can we use leaves of absence for things like "being annoyed a lot"?

I had a dream last night that I was requesting a leave of absence at work. Like, just a short term one...only 2 weeks. But DAMMIT, I needed some time off.

It was so real.

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed this week, is all. I am TIRED. I am easily annoyed. I am a bit put off by some of the requests being made of me, either because of their ridiculousness or because of their insensitivity toward the fact that I WORK FOR THREE PEOPLE, and that can be a bit much on any given day, much less those days when we're, I dunno, MOVING 300 people to new desks.

I feel like I walked into a trap. I feel like being asked to work for 2 people was more than I signed up for, but I was willing to work it out, and I think I did that pretty successfully.

But then they almost took advantage of me by asking me to work for one more on top of those two.

And I had no real choice other than to accept the request.

And now I'm stuck.

But, then again, it's not usually that bad of a situation. So maybe I just need to get through this week, and possibly the next, and then I'll feel better again.

But if I don't, can I tell the people that asked me to stretch this thin that I don't wanna stretch anymore? Or will they lose any remaining respect they have for me if I tell them that?

Do I care?