Monday, November 21, 2011

Ah, the plague! What *great* timing.

I have a flu bug, or e.coli, or some such shit right now. Came down with it late Saturday, thought it was just a fun IBS reaction to the salad I ate at lunch, and felt better later. But then Sunday, it hit me like a truck, and took me down while grocery shopping with Leo. I mean, not literally...I was just very, very ill-feeling all of a sudden, and wanted to go home.

Off and on I'm getting lovely waves of overwhelming nausea. But then they go away. And I get hungry. So I eat a meal, and then BAM. The plague sets in again.

I'm at work...I don't have a fever, and I've stopped myself up with enough pepto bismol that I'm comfortable enough being here. I'm not throwing up. I'm just headachey and super-tired, and right now I'm nauseous again.

Of course this had to happen the week we're getting 7 people in town for a visit. OF FUCKING COURSE.

It had better be gone by tomorrow, dammit. Or I'm gonna be pissed.


Masorti said...

you have rotovirus. It hit our family pretty hard too

faithstwin said...

Masorti, that is something that rarely affects adults- it is a child's 'disease'. Since my Twin is rarely around children, I highly doubt she has anything more than a gastrointestinal upset, probably brought on by the stress of the pending in-law visit.