Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Can we use leaves of absence for things like "being annoyed a lot"?

I had a dream last night that I was requesting a leave of absence at work. Like, just a short term one...only 2 weeks. But DAMMIT, I needed some time off.

It was so real.

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed this week, is all. I am TIRED. I am easily annoyed. I am a bit put off by some of the requests being made of me, either because of their ridiculousness or because of their insensitivity toward the fact that I WORK FOR THREE PEOPLE, and that can be a bit much on any given day, much less those days when we're, I dunno, MOVING 300 people to new desks.

I feel like I walked into a trap. I feel like being asked to work for 2 people was more than I signed up for, but I was willing to work it out, and I think I did that pretty successfully.

But then they almost took advantage of me by asking me to work for one more on top of those two.

And I had no real choice other than to accept the request.

And now I'm stuck.

But, then again, it's not usually that bad of a situation. So maybe I just need to get through this week, and possibly the next, and then I'll feel better again.

But if I don't, can I tell the people that asked me to stretch this thin that I don't wanna stretch anymore? Or will they lose any remaining respect they have for me if I tell them that?

Do I care?


faithstwin said...

I hate this friggin comment forum. This is the second time it has eaten my comment. Stupid cocksuckers!

faithstwin said...

What I originally said was: you can always quit and free up that time to come visit me. You can hop on a flight any time! Then I said some other stuff and I don't care to recall it as I had to use tags and shit and I just don't feel like doing it again. *sigh*