Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hot and sour soup to the rescue!

I feel 90% better today than I did yesterday. Wound up going home a bit early from work and crashing out on the couch at home. And then Leo picked up some rice and hot and sour soup for me from the Chinese place down the street from us.

And by 7 p.m., or so, I was feeling the turn around coming. I slept well last night, and woke up this morning without any problem. I ate breakfast and everything!


My stomach is still a wee bit upset, but the nausea is gone. And IMO, it's the nausea that makes things so much harder to deal with throughout the day. SO GLAD it went away!

Bring on the Thanksgiving festivities!!!


faithstwin said...

Good deal. Now you are all ready to go shopping at midnight on Thursday/Friday. =/ (Seriously, what is wrong with retailers? They are supremely idiotic for doing this to their workers.)

Faith said...

I have absolutely no need and/or desire to shop on Friday. NONE! Since I don't have kids, and we have no need for any electronics that might be on some special kind of sale, nuh-uh. Nope...not gonna happen!

I have been asked to go with the lady folk on Saturday and do some shopping to get Valerie some new clothes. It's our birthday present to her. I'm totally hitting Coldwater Creek, JJill, and maybe even Anthropologie with her and the girls that will be in town. Should be fun!

faithstwin said...

No? Not even to buy stuff cheap and re-sell it, like almost everyone said they were planning to do on the news yesterday? It's all about the moolah, I guess.

That sounds like a nice thing to do for Valerie!

I started reading that book, btw. So far it's very interesting. =)