Thursday, November 03, 2011

We're too lazy to make up new names. (a.k.a. The Post With A Lo-hoooot of Pictures)

I think we're finally done decorating the new house. We had the goal to get it taken care of prior to Thanksgiving, since we have all of Leo's family coming into town to visit us that weekend, and we needed to make sure we have plenty of beds, and towels, and plates, and know, the essentials.

And we reached that goal! Yay! (Well, except for the alcohol part. We keep seeming to need to replenish that stock from week to week, for some reason.)

Anyway, I thought I'd show y'all the products of our hard work. Which has mostly been Leo's hard work. But I helped here and there. So I COUNT, DAMMIT.

Firstly, there was the master bath. Actual construction had to take place in there, which was a pain in the ass, but well worth it. The mirrors were all out of date, and the storage was funky, and the lights See illustration in photo of old sink area below:
See how they aren't lined up with the center of the sinks? Harder to see on the light on the left, but the one straight ahead should be obvious. (I pointed it out, just in case.) Anyway, that sort of shit drives a semi-OCD chick like myself absolutely BONKERS. So we moved the lights over to center over the sinks, installed the corner cabinet so we have someplace to put all my stuff (I'm a girl...we have a lot of stuff), and put up medicine cabinets instead of the 80's wall o' mirror.

Et voila! Ahhhh...SO much better!

This is what the master bed area looked like before we decorated and all that good stuff..

And now, it looks much more homey. That's the Twin's "Suedehead" painting above the fireplace, there. It was one of the pieces that the (fucking idiot!) mover lost, but was thankfully recovered after I was contacted directly by another customer of his that received a bunch of our stuff along with her move.

I think it's perfect in there. Her other painting that I have is up in one of our guest rooms, although I don't have a picture of it.

We have these little archways in both of our fireplaces, where the previous owners had hung these big crosses, and the one in our master bedroom has a little shelf on it. So I started looking for the perfect items to put there. The screw was still in the wall from the cross they had hung there, and I thought maybe a little hanging terrerium would be good for that space. It wasn't long before I found a link to a seller through Dooce, I think it was, and they had the perfect terreriums (and aeriums!) for me to choose from. Or maybe I just found them through a random Google search...I can't remember. Anyway, this chick named Flora Grubb has a store in LA called Flora Grubb Gardens, oddly enough, and again...perfect stuff. Very cool stuff. Go and check them out!

Here are a couple of the lovely little aeriums that I got from the site. (Aeriums are little plants that don't require soil to live. So I just squirt them every now and then with a spray bottle, and they're happy little plants!)

And this is the lovely terrerium I wound up getting. Isn't he cute!
At the other end of the bedroom is our sitting area, next to Leo's closet and the entrance to the bathroom. We still have to find an ottoman of some sort for that space. So that is one thing that's missing. Also, I want to eventually recover this couch in an outdoor fabric, and keep it in our backyard. So we'll need new chairs or a couch for that replacement in the future, but it's gonna be a while.
Off to the guest rooms!

We gave each guest room a nickname, in order to help keep them straight when discussing their decor, when we first moved in. This, for instance, is the wolf room. For obvious reasons:

And here's what it looks like now...

That's the only guest room with a king sized bed in it. It's a pretty sweet room, IMO.

Next to the wolf room is the No Light Room. So named because, well...there was no light in there before we moved in. This was what it looked like when the previous owners lived there:

I'm a fan of lamps, don't get me wrong! But I'm also a fan of being able to walk in, flip a switch, and be able to see. And while there was a switch right next to the door, we couldn't find the connection it had to any outlets in the room. None at all. It was a fake switch. We had two electricians check it out, and they both said the same thing. Weird. So we installed the chandelier from our old master bedroom in there, and now there is light!

We also put the wedding quilt that Leo's mom made for us on that bed, and it wound up looking really pretty in there. We picked up some curtains that we think complement it well, and over all, it's a lovely little room.

Lastly, there's the Guest Suite. We call it that because it's got an ensuite bathroom, whereas the no light room and the wolf room share a bath at the other end of the house. It was NOT our style at all. All the rooms upstairs were painted yellow, and it made me want to rip my eyeballs out (i.e. I'm not a fan of yellow).
I picked up the bedframe in this room from for a whopping $380, or some shit. It was AWESOME. It, unfortunately, didn't come with instructions for putting it together, and the customer service people were pretty heinous toward Leo when he called asking for them to be emailed or sent out or something, so I can't give them a 100% glowing review. But, nonetheless, cheap bedframe that's actually really nice quality. Take it for what you will...
The table and the chair on the other side of the room are the last two purchases we made from Home Decorators Collection, out of many, many other things that we purchased from the store after buying the house. When we bought them, one of the salepeople recognized us and asked us if everything was coming together yet. Yeah, we were in there a LOT. But they're seriously reasonable with their pricing, and have a wide variety of options. I feel lucky that they have a store just down the street! We ordered everything we wanted there, and had it sent to the shipping! Leo had to make several trips to pick everything up from time to time, but otherwise, no complaints.
So that's it, dammit. No more decorating!

This year, anyway...


faithstwin said...

While I am not sold on the terrerium (terrarium?) things, I now want to come and visit. Next week, preferably. It has nothing to do with [idiotic] soccer parents pissing me off, I assure you. They are all wonderful, amazing folks I can't wait to encoun- I mean see- every weekend because they are so great and supportive and give nothing but positive encouragement to their children while they play a game. A fucking gaaammmmme.

Nora said...

Wow! What a difference since when you moved in!! Love it!

Though I don't understand your animosity towards the "wolf room". Doesn't everyone want that in their house? I think I want that in my bedroom. On the ceiling.

Faith said...

Everyone loves that silly wolf!!! Hahahaha!

And yeah, Twin, it's probly terrarium. Shiiiit. :D And you're always welcome, you know that!

Dan said...

That all looks great! Your guest rooms soooo outclass our main bedroom that it's embarrassing. You are hereby disinvited from any events at our house!