Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holidays can be rough.

So I got a cluster headache over the course of the weekend.

It sucked.

I finally got rid of it yesterday after I took a pain pill, and had a nap. (Zen fired ze missiles!)

I had a terrible dream last night where my mom and dad were central characters, and they both were basically telling me that I sucked as a human being, and they liked me the least out of any of their kids.

So far, it's been a rough week, is my point.

We have friends coming to town this weekend to stay with us, though, so that's definitely something to look forward to. I'm trying to focus on that, dammit!

I'm sure my parents didn't hate me. I just hate that my brain is trying to convince me that they did...

Thursday, December 22, 2011

I love puppies. Puppies are my favorite.

Jake has this funny habit that he does that kind of cracks me up. (Mind you, I'm relatively easily entertained, especially when it comes to my dogs, but still...) He likes to nap up on top of the couch cushions on the back of the couch. And when he wakes up and gets down off the cushion, he often moves his body halfway off, and then stops. With his back half still in a relaxed position up on top. Like this:

(GOD, we love that snaggletooth! Hahahaha!) It's a bit odd, especially because he can stand like that for a good 5 minutes, just looking around, or whatever it is that he's doing. Maybe he's internally plotting to take over the world. I dunno.

The other day, the Twin was sending me disturbing photos of a girl she had seen out in public who's pants were...not a good fit. And so I returned the favor by sending her pictures of the dogs being weird. Jake was up in his usual position, and suddenly started looking for something down on the cushion next to me. There wasn't anything there, but still...he was totally sure he would find something! By the time he gave up, he was half on/half off the back cushion, and this time, he's gotten himself into the crack between my back cushion and the one he usually lies on. He just...stopped doing anything, and I pet him, and he looked around and just stood there. I was all, "Are ya stuck, little man?" And he just did a big SIGH thing like he does so often. So I took a picture...

And sent it to the Twin, letting her know that Jake was stuck. And didn't seem to be in any major hurry to get loose.

And when the puppies nap together in ways that are undeniably goofy and still cute at the same time? I just cannot resist taking a picture. Here's Izzy sleeping as she has her paws around Jake's ass, for example:
They "fight" over that cushion in subtle ways, and in this case, I think it's clear that Jake won the majority rule of the cushion for the nap. But Izzy just worked around it, dammit.

I love my adorable puppehs!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Grinchy? A little, I s'pose...

Someone in the office, not far from my desk (must be on the next row over, or something) is playing Christmas music at their desk.

Um, just don't. Do NOT be that coworker. ::shaking head::

So I currently have my headphones on, and I'm rocking out to something called "Pop Dance". It's a mix that Rich offered for download on his blog maybe 2 years ago? I'd guess. I can't really remember. But MAN, it is better than listening to the many different renditions of White Christmas there are available. GAH.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

BRING OUTCHER DEAD!...I'm not dead!

I think my acupuncturist/chiropractor might be a peddler of magical potions. Dude has helped to fix my gallbladder issues, and also gave me some immune system support stuff when I saw him on Monday that has totally turned my cold on it's head. Yesterday, I felt a gazillion percent better than I did Tuesday. By last night, my voice was almost back to normal, even.

I love alternative therapies!

Anyway, the plague didn't keep me down for long. I still have a bit of a phlegm issue, but it's nothing I can't handle. I'm free of meds today, too. Woohoo!

And here we are at the almost end of the week. Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? Because I haven't! And things that I've ordered are on backorder even though they didn't say anything about being on backorder when I ordered them, and I think that is a sneaky, sneaky trick that isn't really fair to do to people around this time of year, you know? Anyway, I have a few more things to buy, so I need to step up my game, dammit! Leo and I are having a low key Christmas this year, because the house pretty much is sucking our savings account to a dryer level than I prefer, and I'd rather have a few little presents to exchange, and then one big awesome dinner than anything else. It's been hard for him to control himself apparently.

Whereas I have a hard time even coming up with ideas for gifts for him. I suck at this.

Anyway, happy Thursday. Hopefully you've successfully avoided the plague, and have an easier time of buying gifts for your loved ones than I do. :)

Friday, December 09, 2011

I suck at this Secret Santa thing.

I've been searching all week for the perfect Secret Santa gift for a friend of mine.

Problem is, I keep finding stuff that I want for myself, and can't find anything appropriate for my friend!

Clearly, I suck at this. ::sigh::

I bet I'd feel better about myself after drinking plenty of champagne out of these, though...

Thursday, December 08, 2011

He is just a little plaything...don't you wanna make him stay up late?

I think this is the year when my head will just explode with all the information, headaches, and congestion built up inside of it. I just realized it today. Because things that should be more obvious to me aren't coming to the forefront of my brain until 20 minutes later, or so.

Like this telemarketer that called the house last week. It was Friday night. I was about to head to the basement to drink myself a wee bit silly with beers while watching movies with Leo. Then this dude calls from some "resort" number somewhere. He tells me that it is my lucky day, and he's about to blow my mind.

First of all, way to take the classy route to the whole telemarketing thing, man. Nice.

Second of all, it is Friday motherfucking night at about 6:30 p.m. I don't care what you have to offer me, there ain't no way it's gonna blow my mind more than a Boulevard Wheat, a steak fajita, and watching the movie "Paul" is going to. I'm sure of it. I told him almost as much, and then asked him to remove us from their list.

And then I went to the bathroom, and came up with all kinds of better respones I could've given him!

"Oh, sorry! My husband already did that for me, so I'm good for now."

"I had my mind blown on Wednesday. Right now, you're actually just talking to a leftover, bloody spinal chord stump. Don't ask me how, though. I've been trying to figure it out since Wednesday, but it's really hard to do with a blown mind."

"Wait a this Hitler?"

I don't know why all these things come to me AFTER the fact. And then I start thinking about how after saying something like that to the telemarketer dude, he may be sad he didn't sell me something, but at least he might have something to laugh about for the next hour or so.

And then I start to think about how I find myself so endlessly entertaining, and it really might be a sickness. I'm definitely sure that not everyone else I come into contact with would agree with my assessment of myself.

See? My brain is just so full of the random.

I need the holidays, dammit. It's time to slow this fucker dooowwwn.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Waiting for the Sudafed to kick in...

It's quasi-meth day here in Faith's head! I woke up with a cold this morning - lovely - so I'm on drugs, and walking through the world in a zigzag patterned haze. (It's not my fault. I'm kinda dizzy. It's making things a little off-kilter is all.)

But I don't know if the cold is worse to wake up to than what Leo woke up to. I heard him stirring in bed after I finished drying my hair. And then I heard him open the door to the bedroom on his way to the living room, and I tried to catch him in time...

Me: "Don't freak out!"

Leo, almost simultaneously: "Aw, shit."

I woke up to let the dogs out at 5 a.m. So I was already aware of the snow that started falling in the early morning hours. Leo hates snow. So I wish I'd had time to soften the blow for him before he stepped out of the dark cocoon of our master bedroom into the bright living room and saw the blanket of white outside. But oh well. He's a big boy. He can handle it!

Now to see if my body can handle this cold I've somehow caught. I'm thinking a muffin from the deli downstairs might be helpful...

Thursday, December 01, 2011

We call our hazard lights "invisible lights" for a reason.

I just saw this story on my local portion of MSN's home page, and I'm mildly confused.

Ok, a LOT confused!

How will this work? Basically, busses in Johnson County (Kansas) are going to be trained and allowed to drive on the freeway shoulder in order to speed up their transit times.

The idea initially seems like a good one. Yay for public transport doing all it can to be efficient!

But then I started thinking about all the stupid people who will see the busses and think, "Hey! We can drive on the shoulder now? AWESOME!" and hop right over to drive there, too.

And then I started wondering just which shoulder they're talking about. The one on the far left lane? Or the one on the right?

You'd think it would automatically be the left lane. Only problem is that the route is between 95th Street and Lamar on I-35. And right before Lamar, we have this whole left hand exit thingy to an entirely different highway that heads north. If the busses aren't able to transition smoothly from the shoulder without blocking that lane, won't that fuck shit up a whole bunch?

I don't get it. ::scratches head::