Thursday, December 22, 2011

I love puppies. Puppies are my favorite.

Jake has this funny habit that he does that kind of cracks me up. (Mind you, I'm relatively easily entertained, especially when it comes to my dogs, but still...) He likes to nap up on top of the couch cushions on the back of the couch. And when he wakes up and gets down off the cushion, he often moves his body halfway off, and then stops. With his back half still in a relaxed position up on top. Like this:

(GOD, we love that snaggletooth! Hahahaha!) It's a bit odd, especially because he can stand like that for a good 5 minutes, just looking around, or whatever it is that he's doing. Maybe he's internally plotting to take over the world. I dunno.

The other day, the Twin was sending me disturbing photos of a girl she had seen out in public who's pants were...not a good fit. And so I returned the favor by sending her pictures of the dogs being weird. Jake was up in his usual position, and suddenly started looking for something down on the cushion next to me. There wasn't anything there, but still...he was totally sure he would find something! By the time he gave up, he was half on/half off the back cushion, and this time, he's gotten himself into the crack between my back cushion and the one he usually lies on. He just...stopped doing anything, and I pet him, and he looked around and just stood there. I was all, "Are ya stuck, little man?" And he just did a big SIGH thing like he does so often. So I took a picture...

And sent it to the Twin, letting her know that Jake was stuck. And didn't seem to be in any major hurry to get loose.

And when the puppies nap together in ways that are undeniably goofy and still cute at the same time? I just cannot resist taking a picture. Here's Izzy sleeping as she has her paws around Jake's ass, for example:
They "fight" over that cushion in subtle ways, and in this case, I think it's clear that Jake won the majority rule of the cushion for the nap. But Izzy just worked around it, dammit.

I love my adorable puppehs!


faithstwin said...

She is totally snuggling his ass! hahahahahahaa!

Faith said...

It's a cozy, snuggly kind of ass. I don't blame her. :D

They're so damned cute!