Thursday, December 01, 2011

We call our hazard lights "invisible lights" for a reason.

I just saw this story on my local portion of MSN's home page, and I'm mildly confused.

Ok, a LOT confused!

How will this work? Basically, busses in Johnson County (Kansas) are going to be trained and allowed to drive on the freeway shoulder in order to speed up their transit times.

The idea initially seems like a good one. Yay for public transport doing all it can to be efficient!

But then I started thinking about all the stupid people who will see the busses and think, "Hey! We can drive on the shoulder now? AWESOME!" and hop right over to drive there, too.

And then I started wondering just which shoulder they're talking about. The one on the far left lane? Or the one on the right?

You'd think it would automatically be the left lane. Only problem is that the route is between 95th Street and Lamar on I-35. And right before Lamar, we have this whole left hand exit thingy to an entirely different highway that heads north. If the busses aren't able to transition smoothly from the shoulder without blocking that lane, won't that fuck shit up a whole bunch?

I don't get it. ::scratches head::


faithstwin said...

Did you intentionally leave out the explanation of why we call hazard lights 'invisible lights'?

This seems silly to me, but then almost everything in the mid west cracks me up on some level. =D

"The D" said...

They will drive on the right shoulder. Why would they cross all the way over to the left? That would take FOREVER when traffic is bad. Its only for JoCo buses. No Joco buses would take that 635 exist.

Faith said...

Ok, so on the right shoulder...where all the exits and entrances to the freeway onramps/offramps are at? will that work smoothly? How would it work any better than the busses crossing over to the left lane to use that shoulder? They would have to stop at each exit, wait for any traffic using the exit lane to pass, and then quickly get across the exit lane, only to try not to get in the way of any cars that would be entering the freeway on the onramps...

See what I mean? It doesn't make any sense.

And yeah, no busses would take the 635 exit if they're heading downtown. That's...kind of my point about the left lane issue. :/ The 635 exit gets in the way of the route, if they're planning on traveling on the left shoulder. You know? There's no through passage there, so they'd have to somehow merge back in with traffic while not obstructing the drivers getting off of I-35 and getting on to 635...

I'm interested in hearing more about this plan/seeing how it actually goes down.

Twin, a lot of my post titles have cryptic connections to the actual post content. YOU know what the invisible lights are. That's all that matters! :D

faithstwin said...

Ahhhh, that's what I figured. The winds must have been messin with my Twin Spidey Sense.

What I don't understand is why they have to use the shoulder? I mean, buses in LA hop on the freeway all the time and get themselves moving at speeds fo 55 or 60. Your buses can't go faster than 35?

Faith said...

Hahahahahaha! Can you imagine, Twin? I mean, I know we have weird shit here in the midwest (lots of open space, different seasons that involve snow now and then, non-Mexican cowboys, etc...), but the busses are pretty much the same as the ones in LA. :P

This will be for high-traffic hours of the day, in order to make a more efficient time between Johnson County (where Leo and I live) to Downtown KC. So it's when the freeways are stopped up, like at 7 a.m., and stuff. :D

faithstwin said...

Is it spelled 'busses'? That looked wrong to me. Awesome.

NOW I get it. I seriously couldn't wrap my tiny brain around the fact that your city transit couldn't get it up past 35.

And, yeah, seeing how they get past the freeway exit/entrance thing should be interesting. I can see it being similar to the 110 up at the end in Pasadena. Everyone will just have to take it slow and allow the bus to merge/unmerge. I mean, it doesn't seem like there will be a bus every 100 ft.

Faith said...

Nah, that's the one thing they have going for them. I think there are probably maybe 3 busses that need to deal with traffic during the rush hour.

But if there are accidents or whatever, there might be more.

And yeah, I'm pretty sure it's busses. Right?



Hmm...fuck. :/

faithstwin said...


Hound Doggy said...

What about the people whose car has broken down/stalled/etc....flat tire who are hanging out on the shoulder? Are they going to get plowed down by a bus too?

Talk about a bad day....