Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Weening. Weaning? Fuck it...I'm trying to cut back my meds. THERE.

Did you ever start writing a post, and then realize about 3/4 of the way through that it was really boring, and just...delete that shit?

Yeah. Just did that.

Basically, I'm trying to taper off my cluster headache meds. For the 2nd time. I'm hopeful that it will work this time, but I'm feeling headachey and fuzzy today. (I started the taper on Sunday.)

::sigh:: I'm afraid I'm gonna be on this shit forever. :/

Monday, January 30, 2012

That might've been a catastrophic mistake for a Saturday night, in restrospect.

Saturday night, as Leo and I finished our final drinks and waited on our to-go food from the bar we hang out at now (Nick & Jake's on 135th, in case anyone is wondering. The bar scene there on a Saturday night is mildly ridiculous.), we talked about what movie we were gonna watch when we got home.

We had both "The Change-Up" and "Inside Job" waiting for us in our basement.

Now, perhaps a good majority of you have seen both of those movies, and know instantly what would be a good pick when it comes to finishing off a nice, lighthearted night of good fun, peoplewatching, and yummy food.

We discussed it, briefly, and decided on watching The Change-Up, because we wanted the humor. Leo had initially talked about watching it on Sunday night, is the thing. So that's why there was any discussion at all about it.


The Change-Up is goofy. When a movie begins with a kid basically shitting in his dad's mouth, you know you're in for some random good times.

And then, last night, we popped in Inside Job. Leo seemed wary about watching a documentary. He asked, "Who picked this one out, and why?" when it was first starting. But then the title music kicked in, and it was Peter Gabriel singing "Big Time", and there were ridiculously crazy things being said by seemingly very important financial people about the whole "housing bubble" of 2005 - 2007, and we were hooked.

Guys. GUYS. ::staring intently at all readers:: This movie made me cry. It made me mad. It made me want to punch a few hundred people. (Don't worry...not you!) (Unless you're Ben Bernanke or Larry Summers. Then I definitely want to hit you in the face. Just sayin'.)

Watch that movie, if you haven't yet. It might've been a bigger slap in my face because I worked for one of the companies involved in a large part of the whole subprime debacle that was going on, and dammit guys, I was so fucking proud of that company when I worked there. I left on a sour note because, in spite of their ability to be funding over 14 billion dollars worth of loans per month, they couldn't manage to give me the $2000 per year raise I was asking for. Well, and because of a lot of other things, too. But still...that was a big part of it.

And now they don't exist anymore.

But I think it was a good movie for other reasons, too. Leo learned a lot from watching it. I learned a lot. Yes, it left me wanting to maim certain members of the financial elite in Washington DC/New York. But in a good way, really...

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Is there such a thing as a mini semi-midlife crisis?

This week has been a long one, even though I can't believe it's already Thursday.

I'm apathetic about work. Running late in the morning? Meh. Putting off tasks for a couple of days? No one seems to care. Daydreaming and reading the internet a little bit more than I probably should be? Oh well. At least I'm here!


I feel like my passion is gone. And it's no fun to be doing stuff you aren't passionate about anymore.

I want to open my furniture business, or become a landlord of a property. Or hell, delivering stuff might be a fun change!

I don't know. I've had mini semi-midlife crises like this before, but this one jut sucks because I really, really like my coworkers a lot. And I just celebrated my 5 year anniversary, and that's something to be damned proud of! And...my health insurance is pretty ok...? I dunno. I really don't.

Every morning it's a struggle to get out of bed. Every day, it's a struggle to keep doing my work I'm supposed to be doing. It all just feels wrong, dammit.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Ok, this week is better. So far. ::glances warily at rest of week::

Since this week isn't kicking off with a sudden snowstorm trapping me (and the Twin and stuff) in a small-ish airport with a bunch of strangers, it's already an improvement on last week.

Leo is sick, though. He was sick all weekend, actually, which meant we spent a lot of time watching basketball and football in our cozy basement, so maybe my Monday is all relative at this point. Not sure.

And we even had a fire evac in our building this morning (there was smoke in one of our lab locations downstairs, so we had to call in the sexay, sexay fire team from down the street and get everyone out for a bit...), and it STILL is a pretty darned good day.

That said, it might be that my whole switch to a Primal Blueprint way of life is already effecting my mood, and shit. Saturday, while Leo huddled under a blanket and watched TV, I went to the gym, washed the dishes, and did two loads of laundry (washed, dried, AND folded). I took little breaks here and there, checking to make sure he wasn't dead, and watching bits of games myself. But for the most part, I was moving around from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m., when I finally gave up for the day and we watched a few episodes of season one of Walking Dead. (So. gross. But still so good!) Sunday was a little more lazy, but then I went grocery shopping, and came home to prep veggie snacks for the week, clean out the fridge a bit, and boil some eggs for snacks/meals. So I still got a fair amount of stuff done.

If anyone is interested, I'm already gung ho about recommending this lifestyle. I've been working my way over to it (slowly at times, 100% at others...) for the past 3 weeks, and I feel fab. You can visit Mark's Daily Apple for more info. Here's the link to his "Primal Blueprint 101" where you can get all kinds of info about the ins and outs of how to live Primal.

I've lost 4 pounds thus far. And while weight loss is somewhat important to me, overall, the bigger deal is that I haven't had any problems with my gallbladder lately. My level of hunger is much more manageable than it's ever been before. I'm looking forward to more benefits from the lifestyle over time, like with my stress levels and stuff. But for the time being, I feel really great about my decision to switch over to it.

I'll be updating on this from time to time, but it won't be overwhelmingly present out here. Just let me know if you have any questions, and I'm happy to answer them as best I can for the time being...

Friday, January 20, 2012

Totally different post than I had intended.

People are being dicks today. Like, out of the blue.

Ok, that's a bit of an overstatement. ONE person is being a dick today, and I don't understand why. I've apologized if I offended them, in a sincere manner. And all I got in return was a terse reply that clearly showed they didn't accept my apology.

So now I'm on the verge of tears at work.

Which is obviously the best way to kick off a Friday morning!

Good GOD, what I wouldn't give for a Diet Coke and a muffin right now. But Diet Cokes hurt my stomach/make me nauseous. And muffins are full of sugar and evil. ::sigh::

I literally have a sad face. Like this: =( This sucks.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

"I didn't know who she was..."

I just heard someone in the kitchen by my desk (where today's potluck will take place) telling my coworker that she just deleted my invite to the potluck because she didn't know who I was.

Um. Yeah. :/

There are two whole admins that work for our department here in Kansas. And then the rest are all in Virginia.

TWO of us.

I'm mildly offended right now, and you can bet your ass that I'll be finding out who that chick was, and if she ever comes looking for my help with supplies or a meeting with ONE OF MY 3 BOSSES, she might run into a short wall when she does it.

Get to know who your admins are, people. We ain't chopped liver, for fuck's sake.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A little behind...

I'm back.

But my trip was extended by a day, thanks to a well-timed snowstorm that moved into Steamboat Springs on Monday.

So I'm catching up at work.

And haven't had time to even think much about anything other than fixing meetings, replying to emails, and dealing with questions about a potluck I'm organizing that's happening Thursday. (It's a potluck, people. Bring whateverthefuck ya want. It's called a "potluck" for a reason.)

I hope to be more on track by the end of this week. But really, I just wanted to push down those pics of me in bed that have been up for the past 5 days. I mean, I like me, and I think I'm cute, and everything...but there's a limit, is all.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pictures of me in bed, as promised!

Ok, I haven't taken a picture of myself after getting my hair done in a long time. So last weekend, I got my hair done on Saturday, and I had promised some friends of mine that I'd take updated pics. But I forgot. Until we were about to go to bed, that is.

So Leo got the camera and started shooting away!

I wasn't ready yet!

In this photo, it might look like I'm being all emo, and trying to pose for an updated "I'm too cool for Facebook, but as long as I HAVE TO be out here, I might as well take updated photos of myself. ::sigh::" profile photo, but really, I was just trying to get into position for a new photo, and Leo snapped too early. Plus, I'm not on Facebook. And I haven't been emo in yeeaaarrrs. I'm on Prozac, and everything!

Finally, we got a shot that seemed to capture the awesomeness that is my hair on a night after I've just had it done. I wanna have a hairdresser in my bathroom all the time, dammit. She makes my hair look so damned good! Unfortunately, she is not able to help with that double chin/fat neck issue, but baby steps people. Baby. steps.

I'm off after today. The Twin and her daughters are meeting up with Leo and I in Denver tomorrow and then we're flying up to (across to? DOWN to? I don't really know...) Steamboat Springs for a weekend ski trip. I haven't been skiing since I was about 20, so I'm losing my MIND with excitement, and cannot wait to go!

Leo, on the other hand, believes that there are about 120,435,678 ways to die while on skis, and it's been somewhat of a job trying to keep his ass calm leading up to the trip itself. Dude has never learned how to ski before, so we have lessons lined up, and everything. I asked him to just give it a chance before he condemns it 100%, and seemed to agree with that for the time being.

So wish us luck! Have a great weekend...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Probability of finding a dead body? I'd say maybe 50/50, these days.

I left work a bit late last night. It was probably about 5:15 by the time I got out to the garage, and so a majority of people had already left the parking lot.

My car was one of the only ones left in its part of the lot I'd parked in. And as I walked toward it, I noticed a car off in a corner across the aisle from my spot that was sitting quietly with the driver side door open wide. No one was near it. All the cars around it (aside from my own) were already gone.

It was a little weird.

So I grabbed my phone, put my purse in my car, and dialed the security office for my company. As I waited for them to answer, I approached the car, and looked inside.

Not gonna lie, I was mildly worried about finding someone passed out somewhere in it. Or worse...possibly dead.

I know, I know! A little extreme on my part! But hey, when I didn't find anything like that, my relief was that much more palpable! So really, its good for me in the long run.

I didn't hear anyone pounding for help from the trunk, so that was good too, I guess. So I reported the color, make, model and license plate for the car, and the security guy said he'd send someone out to see what was up.

I wound up waiting a bit for the security people to come, and when they arrived I said, "It's weird, right?" And the chick just nodded with her eyes open a bit wide. I was surprised that no one else had called security to alert them to the weird sight, and she agreed. The car was even parked next to an emergency phone that happens to be located at that end of the lot. It has a bright blue light on it and says something like "Report Emergencies" above it, and shit. And no one had thought to use it. (I have the security office phone number programmed into my phone because I'm an employee safety agent for my building here, so it was easy for me to call, really.)

Anyway, I hope it was just a random and strange issue where someone accidentally left their door open like that, and didn't notice they'd done it. (Leo did that once to my car, albeit in our own garage at home. It was strange, IMO, but then again, he's often leaving all kinds of doors open all over the house. Mostly on the cupboards in the kitchen. I tell him it's like living with a freaking poltergeist sometimes.) Maybe the owner abandoned the car, for whatever reason. It looked very clean inside when I checked it out. So I guess that's a possibility.

Maybe someone had stolen it, and realized as they were driving it away, "Hey, this is kind of a shitty-ass car. Why did I steal this again?" and pulled into what they felt was a safe place to "hide" it before they walked out to 119th Street and caught a bus. I dunno.

Regardless, it was gone this morning. So someone either claimed it, or security had it towed away.

I'm sad that I don't know the outcome of the minor mystery. ::sigh::

Tomorrow is my Friday this week. I'll post some fun pictures before I head out on my mini-vacation, and hope it entertains everyone sufficiently. They're of me! IN BED! Woohoo...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Um, that's my accountant's building. O_o

Just saw a news story on the local ABC affiliate about a dude that's going into offices when people are out at lunch, and stealing wallets and laptops and stuff.

I immediately recognized the lobby of the building they have a picture of the dude from as my accountant's building. He's in a large office with several other associates, but still...is this something I should worry about?

Or am I being weird? (As usual...)

Monday, January 09, 2012

This is a pretty big milestone for me.

Today is my 5 year anniversary at work.

It feels like just yesterday I was meeting with my original boss for an interview, and walking out with the hopes that I did well enough to snag a job I'd always wanted to have, ever since I moved to Kansas City.

This is the longest I've ever been in one place in my career, and I'm pretty sure it's where I'll be finishing out my time as an executive assistant, before moving on to bigger and scarier and more entrepeneurial endeavors sometime in the future.

I've officially been an admin/exec assistant for a total of about 15 years now. I've had shitty bosses/coworkers, and I've had awesome bosses and coworkers. I'm happy to say that I'm currently in the awesome camp, and I couldn't be more proud of the company I work for, to boot.

I'm a blessed assistant. I just feel so damned lucky today, yo. =)

Friday, January 06, 2012

Its not that I MEAN to have a favorite...

I love both of our dogs. They are one in the same, in my book. Wherever the one goes, the other shall follow. That sort of thing.

That said, Jake tends to be the more entertaining of the two. And so more pictures of him get taken. It's just unavoidable!

Last weekend, we had a couple of very good friends in town for the New Year holiday. We had a faaaabulous dinner on New Year's Day and we decided it would be best eaten at the dining table in the dining room. Jake and Izzy had never seen us sit down there for a meal (we generally put them in boarding when we have folks over to the house for any kind of celebration/dinner party type thing), and they weren't quite sure how to behave.

Jake thought his place was at the table with us...
Actually, he'd jumped up on a totally different chair next to our friend Lloyd earlier in the dinner, but I didn't have a chance to shoot a pic of it. And then we pushed all the empty chairs in so there wasn't room for him to jump up on them, and he was fine with that. He just jumped up onto the table itself.


We got him down, and throughout dinner, we managed to keep him on the floor with Izzy instead of as a centerpiece on the table.

As things were winding down, though, he found the chair at the head of the table was out enough for him to sit on. And as we were all done with our yummy steaks and green beans and sweet potatoes, we were fine with him being there, really.

But he got bored...

Poor dude! Oh well...

Later that night, we were catching up on videos online, drinking lot of wine, and listening to bowl games in the background. Alisha was holding Izzy in her lap, because Izzy wanted to be in her lap. And then Jake decided he wanted to be, too! So he just jumped up there, and sat down! Alisha was a good sport. Unfortunately, she turned evil as she slept that night, and all throughout the next day, Jake kept randomly stopping and growling at her as she napped, or as we watched TV, or as we just sat and chatted. Must've been the skull and crossbone pants, eh? :D

Because obviously this little guy can't be wrong about someone's level of evil, right? I mean, lookit him!!!

I might've wanted to stuff him into my purse and bring him into the office today with me...maybe. But I managed to get out of the house without smuggling him along with. SO CUTE.

Happy Friday, mutherfuckers.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Midweek Observations

There is something going on at the restaurant space where the TGIFridays used to be on Roe at 119th. They've refaced the entrance, and parts of the other outside walls. There was a food service truck there today, albeit a small one that wasn't delivering a TON of food...but some food. I WANNA KNOW WHAT'S GOING TO BE THERE!!! Is it the fabled Oklahoma Joe's location my husband told me about a few months ago? Because that would be fucking awesome.

I had a Diet Coke with my lunch today. I'm sure I'll regret it, but it tasted sooooo gooooood. Why does my stomach have to be such a dick, not wanting me to drink Diet Coke anymore, and stuff? It's not fair.

I've started eating according to something called the Primal Blueprint, which you can read about on this website here. Near as I can figure, it's the same thing as that paleo thing, except dairy is more acceptable with it. I feel pretty good so far. I've only been tracking my food intake for the last 2 days, but I already fel like I've lost 5 pounds. Which I'm sure isn't the case, but seriously...I feel like I have. It's an odd deal.

This week is a short week...only 4 days due to the holiday that kicked things off Monday. Next week will also be a short week for me, as I'm taking Friday off so leo and I can fly out to Colorado to meet the Twin and her daughters for a ski trip in Steamboat Springs for the weekend. And since the following Monday is a holiday for my office, it will ALSO be a short week during the week of the 16th. I'm inordinately excited about all the 4 day weeks, dammit.

Patton Oswalt might be the funniest man alive. Over the last few days we've been listening to a couple of his most recent standup albums he's released, and he really, really, really makes us laugh. HARD. If you don't know who he is, or haven't listened to much of his standup, go. Buy it. It is so worth it, it's hard for me to describe it properly.

That's it for today...so far, anyway.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Investors welcome!

We have come up with an idea. An idea that is a notch above the rest that are anything like it!

We call it the "Eternally Comfy". It will be made of a water-repellant fleece material that zips conveniently up the front, and snaps in the crotch for those moments when you exceed your beer capacity, and just can't seem to hold it any longer.

Attached mittens at the end of each arm ensure that you can move easily from the couch to the garden to the front porch for hot chocolate with the neighbors, without getting cold hands. When you're back inside, just pull the mittens off the hands and tuck into the convenient mitten pocket inside the Eternally Comfy's cuff. So easy!

So comfy.

Instead of a bulky hood that can easily slide off your head in a stiff breeze, the Eternally Comfy is furnished with a detachable full head mask that covers your face like the Eternally Comfy ninja that you've always hoped to be. This makes the Eternally Comfy the first product of it's kind to be interculturally-friendly. Now all Muslim women can also join in the comfy fun and still remain faithful to God!

But that's not all. We also will offer the "Eternally Comfy: Sport" product.

Have you been wishing for a more comfort-filled way to play touch football with your pals? Or maybe the tennis court is just a little too cold for you to head out and have a match with your favorite partner mid-January. Perhaps you're in the mood for a jog, but the air outside has gotten a bit too nippy for you to enjoy the endorphin rush properly?

The Eternally Comfy: Sport is the comfy product you need! All the same comfort as the original Eternally Comfy, but with sporty stripes up the sides of the leg, and ventilation grommets in the armpit and crotch area! Amazing!!!

So get in touch with me now in order to get in on this groundbreaking new idea. Don't let this opportunity pass you by! You'll kick yourself if you do. (Which would be much more comfortable of a process if you were wearing the Eternally Comfy...)