Thursday, January 19, 2012

"I didn't know who she was..."

I just heard someone in the kitchen by my desk (where today's potluck will take place) telling my coworker that she just deleted my invite to the potluck because she didn't know who I was.

Um. Yeah. :/

There are two whole admins that work for our department here in Kansas. And then the rest are all in Virginia.

TWO of us.

I'm mildly offended right now, and you can bet your ass that I'll be finding out who that chick was, and if she ever comes looking for my help with supplies or a meeting with ONE OF MY 3 BOSSES, she might run into a short wall when she does it.

Get to know who your admins are, people. We ain't chopped liver, for fuck's sake.


Ms. Pants said...

And we control a lot more than people think we do....

Faith said...


I mean, I'm not trying to be all hoity-toity, "she doesn't know who I am!" like in a bitchy way, really. But more of a "how is that even possible?" kind of way. You know?

Maybe she works under a rock.

Nuke said...

Hell we don't even have an admin person, but I make it a point to know those people in other groups.

A lot of people say to be good to us IT folk, and we can have a big impact on somebody's job in this age of technological miracles. An organization's Admin probably is at least partly responsible for you getting paid tho (not suggesting you would fuck with payroll Faith).

Mike Ekey said...

First thing they always taught us in journalism school was to always talk to the admins. They know everything and control more than the bosses will ever let on.

Faith said...

Nuke, I feel the same way about the IT folks. 100%! It hasn't been super-important for me to have a specific contact in IT in my current job, but in the past, it's been invaluable to know certain people, and be on their good side.

And I've been known to make my famous brownies and/or cookies and send them to the IT folks out in our Virginia location when they've helped me in a pinch. They're always appreciative! :D

Mike, it's interesting that someone taught that kind of thing to their classes! I agree though. Even as an admin myself, it has been incredibly important for me to maintain great contacts among the other admins sprinkled throughout the company. You never know when you're gonna need to call in a favor!

"The D" said...

Sounds like you're the one that needs to introduce yourself to her if you ask me, but you didnt, sooooo.

Faith said...

There are over 400 of us in our team here, Darrin. And only 2 of us are admins. I get LOADS of people coming over to my desk to introduce themselves to me when they join the team, but if they've already been a member of the team for a while, they tend to know who the admins are. It's just...we're necessary to them, is the thing. They don't need us for every little thing, but chances are, something's going to pop up over the course of, say, a year, and they're going to need the help of the admin.

I have no reason to go around and introduce myself to all 400 of my team members. It's on THEM to know who the admins are. Since, you know, there are a whole TWO of us.

Do the math, man.