Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Investors welcome!

We have come up with an idea. An idea that is a notch above the rest that are anything like it!

We call it the "Eternally Comfy". It will be made of a water-repellant fleece material that zips conveniently up the front, and snaps in the crotch for those moments when you exceed your beer capacity, and just can't seem to hold it any longer.

Attached mittens at the end of each arm ensure that you can move easily from the couch to the garden to the front porch for hot chocolate with the neighbors, without getting cold hands. When you're back inside, just pull the mittens off the hands and tuck into the convenient mitten pocket inside the Eternally Comfy's cuff. So easy!

So comfy.

Instead of a bulky hood that can easily slide off your head in a stiff breeze, the Eternally Comfy is furnished with a detachable full head mask that covers your face like the Eternally Comfy ninja that you've always hoped to be. This makes the Eternally Comfy the first product of it's kind to be interculturally-friendly. Now all Muslim women can also join in the comfy fun and still remain faithful to God!

But that's not all. We also will offer the "Eternally Comfy: Sport" product.

Have you been wishing for a more comfort-filled way to play touch football with your pals? Or maybe the tennis court is just a little too cold for you to head out and have a match with your favorite partner mid-January. Perhaps you're in the mood for a jog, but the air outside has gotten a bit too nippy for you to enjoy the endorphin rush properly?

The Eternally Comfy: Sport is the comfy product you need! All the same comfort as the original Eternally Comfy, but with sporty stripes up the sides of the leg, and ventilation grommets in the armpit and crotch area! Amazing!!!

So get in touch with me now in order to get in on this groundbreaking new idea. Don't let this opportunity pass you by! You'll kick yourself if you do. (Which would be much more comfortable of a process if you were wearing the Eternally Comfy...)


Xavier Onassis said...

Check out the Hoodie-Footie at pajamagram.com.

Christy said...

I think we need a drawing of what this will look like, so we can fully appreciate the Eternally Comfy.

Hound Doggy said...

Maybe it's just me but I think of dead people. They are eternally comfy.....NO?