Thursday, January 26, 2012

Is there such a thing as a mini semi-midlife crisis?

This week has been a long one, even though I can't believe it's already Thursday.

I'm apathetic about work. Running late in the morning? Meh. Putting off tasks for a couple of days? No one seems to care. Daydreaming and reading the internet a little bit more than I probably should be? Oh well. At least I'm here!


I feel like my passion is gone. And it's no fun to be doing stuff you aren't passionate about anymore.

I want to open my furniture business, or become a landlord of a property. Or hell, delivering stuff might be a fun change!

I don't know. I've had mini semi-midlife crises like this before, but this one jut sucks because I really, really like my coworkers a lot. And I just celebrated my 5 year anniversary, and that's something to be damned proud of! health insurance is pretty ok...? I dunno. I really don't.

Every morning it's a struggle to get out of bed. Every day, it's a struggle to keep doing my work I'm supposed to be doing. It all just feels wrong, dammit.


Logtar said...

I have noticed that when I get into that funk it can be traced to a situation or person that is annoying me. Once I figure out what it is and take steps towards actually ignoring it or rationalizing that it is beyond my control I get over it.

faithstwin said...

Yeah, I would say the health insurance is the motivating factor for me saying "stay where you are". Unless you can get a great coversion plan like I did, which is costing me a little more in deductibles but a little less as far as monthly premiums go.

Also, keep in mind if you open a furniture store or whatever you have to be there ALL THE TIME. The travel and everything has to stop while you get the business rooted and running like a fine machine.

Maybe it's like that little 7-year-hump people go through when they are married? Could that be what you are experiencing?

Faith said...

Maybe it is something like that, dude. I don't know.

I feel better today, probably because it's Friday. :D

I'm sure that everyone, regardless of how much they love their job, goes through a little patch here and there where they wish they didn't have to work at all, and could just do whatever the fuck they want to. Because, of course, things could be much worse. I really do like my coworkers. And I've not been this lucky in the past in that regard, you know?

I almost think that I'm having a reverse seasonal effect on my mood, perhaps. I'm pissed that we haven't had any snow this year, really. And therefor, no snow days where I get to work from home in my basement. And look at pretty snow outside as it falls. As odd as that may sound, I think it could be the actual issue...

faithstwin said...

Doesn't sound weird at all. You know how I've been threatening Mama Nature to a showdown due to this shitty 80-degrees-in-January bullshit. So far she's been a giant pussy NOSHOW.