Friday, January 06, 2012

Its not that I MEAN to have a favorite...

I love both of our dogs. They are one in the same, in my book. Wherever the one goes, the other shall follow. That sort of thing.

That said, Jake tends to be the more entertaining of the two. And so more pictures of him get taken. It's just unavoidable!

Last weekend, we had a couple of very good friends in town for the New Year holiday. We had a faaaabulous dinner on New Year's Day and we decided it would be best eaten at the dining table in the dining room. Jake and Izzy had never seen us sit down there for a meal (we generally put them in boarding when we have folks over to the house for any kind of celebration/dinner party type thing), and they weren't quite sure how to behave.

Jake thought his place was at the table with us...
Actually, he'd jumped up on a totally different chair next to our friend Lloyd earlier in the dinner, but I didn't have a chance to shoot a pic of it. And then we pushed all the empty chairs in so there wasn't room for him to jump up on them, and he was fine with that. He just jumped up onto the table itself.


We got him down, and throughout dinner, we managed to keep him on the floor with Izzy instead of as a centerpiece on the table.

As things were winding down, though, he found the chair at the head of the table was out enough for him to sit on. And as we were all done with our yummy steaks and green beans and sweet potatoes, we were fine with him being there, really.

But he got bored...

Poor dude! Oh well...

Later that night, we were catching up on videos online, drinking lot of wine, and listening to bowl games in the background. Alisha was holding Izzy in her lap, because Izzy wanted to be in her lap. And then Jake decided he wanted to be, too! So he just jumped up there, and sat down! Alisha was a good sport. Unfortunately, she turned evil as she slept that night, and all throughout the next day, Jake kept randomly stopping and growling at her as she napped, or as we watched TV, or as we just sat and chatted. Must've been the skull and crossbone pants, eh? :D

Because obviously this little guy can't be wrong about someone's level of evil, right? I mean, lookit him!!!

I might've wanted to stuff him into my purse and bring him into the office today with me...maybe. But I managed to get out of the house without smuggling him along with. SO CUTE.

Happy Friday, mutherfuckers.


faithstwin said...

That's all awesomeness right there. He's so foonay.

Faith said...

He really is. When I got home from the gym this morning, Leo had taken him and Izzy down to the basement to hang out (he couldn't sleep after I left, apparently, so that's where he goes when he's got insomnia), and when I opened the door to say goodbye after getting dressed, Jake was sooooo happy to see me. He looked all worried, like he'd thought I'd just disappeared forever or somethin'. :D

And then he sat up like a squirrel, and pawed at my arm until I gave him hugs. Which was when I decided it would be great if I could bring him to the office with me. ::sigh:: Puppyless offices are teh SUCK.