Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A little behind...

I'm back.

But my trip was extended by a day, thanks to a well-timed snowstorm that moved into Steamboat Springs on Monday.

So I'm catching up at work.

And haven't had time to even think much about anything other than fixing meetings, replying to emails, and dealing with questions about a potluck I'm organizing that's happening Thursday. (It's a potluck, people. Bring whateverthefuck ya want. It's called a "potluck" for a reason.)

I hope to be more on track by the end of this week. But really, I just wanted to push down those pics of me in bed that have been up for the past 5 days. I mean, I like me, and I think I'm cute, and everything...but there's a limit, is all.

1 comment:

Noble Rot said...

I went to a church potluck once. Everyone got all pissed at me because I brought a bunch of pot.