Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Midweek Observations

There is something going on at the restaurant space where the TGIFridays used to be on Roe at 119th. They've refaced the entrance, and parts of the other outside walls. There was a food service truck there today, albeit a small one that wasn't delivering a TON of food...but some food. I WANNA KNOW WHAT'S GOING TO BE THERE!!! Is it the fabled Oklahoma Joe's location my husband told me about a few months ago? Because that would be fucking awesome.

I had a Diet Coke with my lunch today. I'm sure I'll regret it, but it tasted sooooo gooooood. Why does my stomach have to be such a dick, not wanting me to drink Diet Coke anymore, and stuff? It's not fair.

I've started eating according to something called the Primal Blueprint, which you can read about on this website here. Near as I can figure, it's the same thing as that paleo thing, except dairy is more acceptable with it. I feel pretty good so far. I've only been tracking my food intake for the last 2 days, but I already fel like I've lost 5 pounds. Which I'm sure isn't the case, but seriously...I feel like I have. It's an odd deal.

This week is a short week...only 4 days due to the holiday that kicked things off Monday. Next week will also be a short week for me, as I'm taking Friday off so leo and I can fly out to Colorado to meet the Twin and her daughters for a ski trip in Steamboat Springs for the weekend. And since the following Monday is a holiday for my office, it will ALSO be a short week during the week of the 16th. I'm inordinately excited about all the 4 day weeks, dammit.

Patton Oswalt might be the funniest man alive. Over the last few days we've been listening to a couple of his most recent standup albums he's released, and he really, really, really makes us laugh. HARD. If you don't know who he is, or haven't listened to much of his standup, go. Buy it. It is so worth it, it's hard for me to describe it properly.

That's it for far, anyway.

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faithstwin said...

I had to cut waaaayyyy down on my dairy due to some yucky stuff happening with a private part. Since I basically cut it out (I still allow myself some shredded cheese on a ham and cheese tortilla or on a salad) the problem I was having has completely stopped. The funniest part about the problem I was having was reading other people's reports of what they were experiencing when I googled it. Oh, and I also started drinking my monkey picked oolong instead of diet coke. I'll still have a DC every now and then but it is no longer a daily for me.