Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pictures of me in bed, as promised!

Ok, I haven't taken a picture of myself after getting my hair done in a long time. So last weekend, I got my hair done on Saturday, and I had promised some friends of mine that I'd take updated pics. But I forgot. Until we were about to go to bed, that is.

So Leo got the camera and started shooting away!

I wasn't ready yet!

In this photo, it might look like I'm being all emo, and trying to pose for an updated "I'm too cool for Facebook, but as long as I HAVE TO be out here, I might as well take updated photos of myself. ::sigh::" profile photo, but really, I was just trying to get into position for a new photo, and Leo snapped too early. Plus, I'm not on Facebook. And I haven't been emo in yeeaaarrrs. I'm on Prozac, and everything!

Finally, we got a shot that seemed to capture the awesomeness that is my hair on a night after I've just had it done. I wanna have a hairdresser in my bathroom all the time, dammit. She makes my hair look so damned good! Unfortunately, she is not able to help with that double chin/fat neck issue, but baby steps people. Baby. steps.

I'm off after today. The Twin and her daughters are meeting up with Leo and I in Denver tomorrow and then we're flying up to (across to? DOWN to? I don't really know...) Steamboat Springs for a weekend ski trip. I haven't been skiing since I was about 20, so I'm losing my MIND with excitement, and cannot wait to go!

Leo, on the other hand, believes that there are about 120,435,678 ways to die while on skis, and it's been somewhat of a job trying to keep his ass calm leading up to the trip itself. Dude has never learned how to ski before, so we have lessons lined up, and everything. I asked him to just give it a chance before he condemns it 100%, and seemed to agree with that for the time being.

So wish us luck! Have a great weekend...


faithstwin said...

Are you gonna sleep nakid while we are on vacay? Just want to warn the girls so they don't go bursting into your room catching you off guard or anything...

Faith said...

I sleep in my underwear, yo. So at least they'd have that much comfort to look forward to should they be in the mood to burst into our room and wake us up for any reason.

Goofball. :P

statia said...

I agree with Leo. There's no way I'll ever get on skis.