Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Probability of finding a dead body? I'd say maybe 50/50, these days.

I left work a bit late last night. It was probably about 5:15 by the time I got out to the garage, and so a majority of people had already left the parking lot.

My car was one of the only ones left in its part of the lot I'd parked in. And as I walked toward it, I noticed a car off in a corner across the aisle from my spot that was sitting quietly with the driver side door open wide. No one was near it. All the cars around it (aside from my own) were already gone.

It was a little weird.

So I grabbed my phone, put my purse in my car, and dialed the security office for my company. As I waited for them to answer, I approached the car, and looked inside.

Not gonna lie, I was mildly worried about finding someone passed out somewhere in it. Or worse...possibly dead.

I know, I know! A little extreme on my part! But hey, when I didn't find anything like that, my relief was that much more palpable! So really, its good for me in the long run.

I didn't hear anyone pounding for help from the trunk, so that was good too, I guess. So I reported the color, make, model and license plate for the car, and the security guy said he'd send someone out to see what was up.

I wound up waiting a bit for the security people to come, and when they arrived I said, "It's weird, right?" And the chick just nodded with her eyes open a bit wide. I was surprised that no one else had called security to alert them to the weird sight, and she agreed. The car was even parked next to an emergency phone that happens to be located at that end of the lot. It has a bright blue light on it and says something like "Report Emergencies" above it, and shit. And no one had thought to use it. (I have the security office phone number programmed into my phone because I'm an employee safety agent for my building here, so it was easy for me to call, really.)

Anyway, I hope it was just a random and strange issue where someone accidentally left their door open like that, and didn't notice they'd done it. (Leo did that once to my car, albeit in our own garage at home. It was strange, IMO, but then again, he's often leaving all kinds of doors open all over the house. Mostly on the cupboards in the kitchen. I tell him it's like living with a freaking poltergeist sometimes.) Maybe the owner abandoned the car, for whatever reason. It looked very clean inside when I checked it out. So I guess that's a possibility.

Maybe someone had stolen it, and realized as they were driving it away, "Hey, this is kind of a shitty-ass car. Why did I steal this again?" and pulled into what they felt was a safe place to "hide" it before they walked out to 119th Street and caught a bus. I dunno.

Regardless, it was gone this morning. So someone either claimed it, or security had it towed away.

I'm sad that I don't know the outcome of the minor mystery. ::sigh::

Tomorrow is my Friday this week. I'll post some fun pictures before I head out on my mini-vacation, and hope it entertains everyone sufficiently. They're of me! IN BED! Woohoo...

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faithstwin said...

People do that- I know, I've seen at least two cars with a door open in the past year: one in the Kaiser medical building parking lot and the other was while I was sitting waiting for oldest to get out of school last year. I think in your case, though, if it was so far out in the lot it does seem fishy.

Pictures of you in bed? Innnteressting.