Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Um, that's my accountant's building. O_o

Just saw a news story on the local ABC affiliate about a dude that's going into offices when people are out at lunch, and stealing wallets and laptops and stuff.

I immediately recognized the lobby of the building they have a picture of the dude from as my accountant's building. He's in a large office with several other associates, but still...is this something I should worry about?

Or am I being weird? (As usual...)


faithstwin said...

I am laughing at the same time I am on your 'should I be worried' fence. Maybe a call or email to your accountant is warranted? Just a little, "Haayyy, has your office been hit by that jerko stealing shit?"

Lauren said...

Well, unless that dude targeted your accountant's office with the express intention of multiple identity thefts, then you need not worry. The probability is slim, especially since he's been caught. But maybe you should call in the off-chance that the building's lobby was refurbished...

- Lauren Edith

Faith said...

In the off-chance that the lobby was refurbished? I dunno what that has to do with it. They gave the addresses of the locations the dude was hitting in the original story. It was, indeed, my accountant's building. I go there often. I know what it looks like.

Glad the guy was caught, though! I used to work in buildings that were frequent targets of criminals like that, and I'm glad to be in a secure building again these days, dammit.