Monday, February 27, 2012

Travel: Why Does It Have To Suck So Bad?

Ah, the joys of traveling.

So we flew to California last week. On the way out there, Leo got to sit next to the OCD guy who liked to whistle. And then hum. And then whistle some more.

Given, he did offer us the use of his antiseptic wipe that he was using to wipe down his entire seat area (back of seat in front of him, tray table, his own seat, arm rests, and his seatbelt), so we could be germ-free just like him. We thanked him, but turned him down. (And then I licked the tray table and the plane safety card in my seat pocket to freak him out a little.) As he continued to hum/whistle intermittently, I might have mentioned something about whether it would be crossing a line to crush up a Xanax and put it in a seat neighbor’s drink to Leo. Then I put on my ear phones and turned up the TV to drown him out as much as possible. (Because Frontier is fucking AWESOME like that. TV on the mutherfucking plane, yo.)

I wasn’t a winner in the whole thing, just because I had a buffer of Leo between me and OCD guy, though. Nuh-uh. I got to sit behind a dude that was larger than average (which I do not judge him for, at all!) who apparently didn’t think that showering sometime within 3 days prior to flying, or washing his clothes within the previous month would be a good idea. He smelled lovely.

I mention his size at all because, as a chick of larger than average bodyliciousness myself, I know the importance of personal hygiene when it comes to close quarters interaction with other human beings.

VERY. Very important, I say.

But we got to LA without too much trouble. Only one moment of sorta harrowing turbulence that made me grip Leo’s leg for a minute or two. Otherwise, it was a smooth flight.

We had a relatively quiet 5 days in California. Lots of walking. Lots of visiting with the family. Good food. Great hotel. All around very nice trip.

And then we went to the airport to head back to KC yesterday. We were taking a late flight because there weren’t too many options when it came to direct flights to KC from LA, so it was either a 4:50 p.m. flight, or a freaking 6 a.m. flight, or some shit. So I picked the later one, and hoped all would be well.

As we waited in the jacked up waiting area for our flight (it was running a little late, expecting to take off at 5:05 instead of 4:50…no biggy. And the waiting area is jacked up because of a bunch of construction that’s going on in that terminal right now), I noticed the guy sitting across from us was a little jumpy. He dropped his boarding pass on the ground, and didn’t make a move to pick it up. So after a sec, I picked it up for him, and said, “Sir, you dropped your boarding pass.” He took it from me, and then said something about how he was trying to miss this flight. But it wouldn't work out because another one didn’t leave for 2 days.

Um, what? Ok. Whatever dude! I smiled at him, and pulled out my phone to check the internet for fun stuff.

Then I heard him talking to the people next to him about something, but I didn’t pay specific attention to what it was.

Then, he suddenly got up, and walked away. He left 2 bags on the floor in front of where he’d been sitting. I’ve seen lone travelers walk away from their stuff for short periods of time all over the country. Sometimes I pay attention to it, and watch for them to return in a reasonable time frame. I didn’t pay much attention to this guy yesterday, though. Not sure why.

Didn’t matter. The couple sitting next to him were paying attention. I heard them talking about how it had been 15 minutes since he left. The wife was going to check on the status of the flight (it was about 4:40 at that point, and no plane had arrived), and her husband told her to mention the bag abandoner to the gate agent.

I have to be first, I thought they were a little worked up over something that wasn’t a big deal. But then the guy was gone for 20 minutes. And then 25. And still…hadn’t come back to his bags. That DID seem weird.

And what the hell was with the comment about how he had been planning on missing the flight? Um, pretty easy to do. Just don’t go to the airport, dumbass. Well, we got to talking to the couple that were timing him, and it turned out he’d been asking the wife if she knew how many people the plane would hold. And he’d been mumbling something to himself for quite a while before we’d sat down across from him, I guess.

Basically, dude was acting very odd. And then he disappeared and left his bags just lying there.

So the police were called. And they closed off the area where his bags were and got his description from us after we told him the odd things he’d been saying to us, and then they started boarding the plane. The wife was saying something about how she wasn’t going to get on the plane. Too freaky for her! But she got on, and so did we, and after a long, long loading period, we saw the guy that had abandoned his bags as he boarded the flight too. So they’d found him. And I have no idea what happened, but they deemed him safe to fly.

And then I sat back and waited for the plan to blow up.

No, seriously…it wasn’t that bad. I was trying to figure out if I would’ve been more freaked out if he hadn’t gotten on the plane. But the fact that he did get on the plane…was that a good thing? Fuck if I knew! So I sat back and tried to watch Holmes Inspection on HGTV without too much overreaction going on in my head. It helped that the chick behind me kept putting her foot up on my arm rest as if it belonged to her as part of her seat. “Um, that’s my arm rest. Put your foot down, please.” I bumped into her 2 more times throughout the flight, and if she’d done it again, I was gonna turn around and tell her, “Look, this is MY area I paid to sit in, and that is YOURS. If you wanna use some of mine, its fine, but you’re gonna have to give me $35, ok?” Jeezy chreezy on a stick, what is WRONG with people???

We got home safely last night, and now I’m just short of being a zombie today, but I’m getting lots of shit done. That helps with the tiredness, I suppose. Being busy.

No more travel until May. Which is a good thing. I need the decompression time after that experience yesterday! Phew…

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Well, that seems like a perfectly sensible solution to a simple problem.

I've been thinking lately that I might need to change my work title to "printer assistant", seeing as I've been pretty much dealing with some printer issue or another at least every other day in my office. Ordering toner, getting a tech out to fix a door that won't close, chaperoning the tech to a broken machine because our company has a new policy where they won't allow printer techs to get in the building without an employee being with them because, you know, that isn't a fucking waste of my time, or anything.

I'm in a big building. There are printers all over the damned place in here, and between the plotter downstairs that needed paper 3 weeks ago (paper that cost about $45 total, but still needed to be approved by the effing CFO, mind you), which then needed toner about a week later, and all the other machines that are breaking down all over the place, I'm up to my armpits in ridiculousness, is the thing. Yesterday, I happened to just walk by a machine that was sitting open, as if someone had abandoned it while they attempted to clear a paper jam. I checked it, because I'm a good person (I swear!), and there wasn't a paper jam anymore. So I tried to close the door that was open. Aaahhh...there was the problem. The door wouldn't shut! Not sure what caused it (I tried to investigate for a few minutes before giving up myself), I took note of the machine's info, turned it off, and went back to my desk to submit a trouble ticket.

But today, I'm dealing with that ink-for-the-plotter issue. Again. I submitted the ticket to request toner for the machine last week. And here is what has transpired since then...

Printer service guy: Faith,

I stopped by yesterday to replace the toner for the Plotter machine but the cabinet next to the plotter which has the toner is locked and I’m not sure who locked it. Would you happen to have the key for this cabinet?

Me: Unfortunately, I do not. I didn’t even realize there was a cabinet that had the toner in it! That’s helpful.

I have an employee on my team that uses that machine, and he’s the one that asked me to help with supplies, since I know how to use our ordering system. Otherwise, I don’t know who even “owns” that machine. I’m so sorry I can’t help more!

Printer guy: Well I got security to open the cabinet but the only thing inside was someone’s cereal and other breakfast items. Currently the toner is missing and I will have to do some investigating to try and locate it.

Me: Good thing they had that stuff locked up! :)

Thanks for the update. I’ll make sure my coworker (the one who asked me to order the toner) is aware of the issue.

Continued the next day...Me: [Printer guy], I just spoke with the employee that asked me to order the toner in the first place, and he said that he found 3 toner cartridges in the printer area, and he has them at his desk “for safe keeping”. They were apparently just sitting out by the machine in the open when he found them, and he was worried they might get taken. His name is [employee that needs toner], and he sits in cube [blah]. He said they’re all color cartridges, and there wasn’t a black ink one. So that’s the one that is needed the most right now.

Sorry…this is the first I’ve heard of that info. Just wanted to pass it along. Thanks!

Printer guy: Thank you for t he information.

Today, I heard from Employee That Needs Toner: Any update on the ink?

Me: I informed the technician that you had ink cartridges at your desk that you’d found in the printer room, and he thanked me for the info. That was the last I heard from him.

I’ll send him a follow up email and see what’s up. I’ll cc you on it so you can communicate with him directly, as I’ll be out on vacation the rest of this week.


Me, to printer guy: [Printer guy], [the employee that asked me to order ink for the printer] has asked me for an update on this issue. As I will be out of the office on vacation for the rest of this week after today, I thought I’d just go ahead and Cc him on this note so you two can communicate directly about the issue, or you can ask him questions if you have any.

Any update on this ticket would be appreciated. Thanks for the help!

Printer guy: [Employee that needs toner],

I have not been able to find the extra toner that was next to the plotter, so rather than special order some more toner I have a new HP plotter being moved to [your building] tomorrow and will install it as soon as it has been brought over.

Me: You gotta be fuckin' KIDDING ME! ::facepalm::

Ok, ok...I didn't really respond that way. Instead, I came out here to blog about it. Because REALLY? Really??? How does that make even one lick of sense? GAH!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Silly people, in ALL walks of life.

Friday night, Leo and I caught a small portion of the Laker game that was on, and I couldn't help but notice that Ron Artest was, for some reason, wearing a jersey that had the words "World Peace" on it.

And then the announcers were referring to him as World Peace, and I was all, the FUCK? O_o

So I pulled up the Wikipedia page about it, and saw that the dude had, indeed, changed his name to Metta World Peace sometime in September. He did it, he said, because he was inspired by Ochocinco doing the same thing.

But, um...that was six years ago.

And also? He's changing his name back to Chad Johnson now. Hahahahahahahaha! Nice timing, eh, Artest?

These men are all silly. Artest said that changing his name was meant to inspire young people all around the world and bring them together.


Also, I know I'm not one of the young people, but still...all it did was inspire me to giggle every time the announcers were talking about him while he was on the court. Just sayin'.

I love sports. I do. But some of the people involved in that world are just wacky.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dude is making me look bad!

Usually, Leo and I don't do much for Valentine's Day, aside from eating a yummy meal, and toasting with beer/wine/what have you. Sometimes we go out, and sometimes we stay in.

This year, we were planning our yummy meal with food we had leftover from other yummy meals throughout the last few months: The last 2 kobe filets from Kansas City Steak Co that we had ordered in a set with some other steaks we had originally picked up for the holiday season. The leftover crab legs that we weren't able to eat last week on my birthday. Put it all together with some brussel sprouts and pancetta, and whoo boy! Perfect V-Day dinner, IMO.

When I got home from work, I needed to pull off a quick change to head back out the door to meet my trainer at the gym. I saw a little box with a tag on it that said "WOOD" in the area where I put my purse when I get home, but I kind of ignored it except to laugh a little.

Leo is mildly obessesed with wood projects as of late. One of the things he had been working on gave him a little leftover piece of wood that he had been giving to me at random times, and then I'd give it back to him in odd places. Like in his medicine cabinet. Or in his closet by his shoe rack.

When I got home from the gym, he'd moved the box, and put it in front of champagne glasses filled with our drink of choice for the evening (Framboise Lambic). I opened it, and found a tiny bracelet inside. Which was pretty much made up of all wood. Including the little piece of wood that we've been passing back and forth for the last few months. He drilled a hole in the center of it, stained it, and made me a damned bracelet out of it!

(Yes, my fingernails are blue right now. It's a new Essie color I picked up from Target last week, and it is freaking AWESOME.)

The bracelet fit me perfectly. It's strung on a stretchy kind of string, but it fits without having to stretch at all since I'm a freak of nature kind of fat person who actually has tiny wrists and ankles.

I honestly don't deserve the dude. I didn't get him anything for Valentine's Day! But then again, we are going to California next week for a few days, so maybe that will count as a gift? I dunno.

Next week, I'll show you the awesome gift that the Twin gave me for our birthday. I haven't shown it yet because (a) I haven't taken pictures of it yet, and (b) I haven't been able to give her the gift that I bought for her due to some extraordinarily crazy issues with the ordering process I encountered. I now have the present in my possession. Sucks, since I shipped it to the Twin, but whatever...I'm just glad ONE OF US has it at this point! And I'll take it to her next week, and get to see her open it, which is more fun, anyway. And then I'll take pictures of THAT, and then the sharing will occur.

Not that I needed to explain all that in advance, of course. (I'm a dork.)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday is "Taunt Faith Day" in the office...

Every Friday, there's a "breakfast club" food set-up that occurs about 10 feet from my desk. Sometimes, it's really unappetizing (like last week...there was an egg casserole of some sort for breakfast, and as I had already had my own egg casserole at home for breakfast, more egg casserole just smelled gross.), other times I'm losing my mind with it because it's fucking bagels from Einsteins and OMG if there's one thing I've craved more than pizza since giving up grains it's mutherfucking BAGELS.

But that wasn't enough today...nooooo. One of the breakfast club members also brough pretzel brownies, for some reason. So my coworker keeps telling me I need to get one. Because it's salty and sweet rolled into one, and damn if that is not my favorite kind of thing! ::groan:: Finally, they moved the container of them off the table. So they aren't just sitting 10 feet away from me, tempting me to high heaven.

But then I walked to the bathroom, and apparently, they were just moved to a higher traffic area, so they would get eaten faster. Helpful, yes. But still not gone.

And then a fucking funfetti cake materialized in the kitchen! GAH! I have to walk past it to go to the printer, or to get water, or to get my lunch from the fridge.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

What? (A question about a tax discussion...)

Having a discussion on a forum about politics. Very confused about this little nugget someone shared with me. Please help. Is this true?:

"When it is proposed that people pay a higher percentage of taxes on income over $250k, they do not mean that if you make $249k you pay 25% on $249k, but if you make $251k, you pay 30% on the ENTIRE $251k.

You would still only pay 25% on the first $249,999 and you would pay 30% only on the other $1,001."

So, what she's saying is that last bit, basically. Because I think the first bit is written a little confusingly. But if I'm making $251,000 annually, is it true that I would only be taxed 25% on the initial $249,999, and then anything ABOVE that would be taxed at 30%?

Because that don't sound right to me. :/

Still looking for snow. If you've found Kansas City's snow, please return it ASAP!

Thank you for all the happy birthday wishes yesterday, everyone! I don't think I've had that many birthday wishes in a long ass time (there were several sent via text, email, and through the Twin from old friends who use her as a medium to get to me sometimes through Facebook. Since I'm not on there, and never will be! Mwhahahahahaha!), and it was a very nice way to get through the day.

My mood is much better today. Yesterday was probably due to confusion over why Leo got up early, but it turned out it he didn't get up early to make me a birthday breakfast (booooo!), as well as some leftover malaise from my sickness earlier this week. Not sure. But it doesn't matter, because that was yesterday! FUCK YESTERDAY!

Well, wait. Yesterday was my birthday. And it did end up all right (with flowers, champagne, crab legs, artichokes from NoRTH, and ice cream from Glace, along with awesome gifts from the Twin and Leo) really, just fuck yesterday morning/afternoon, I s'pose.

At least it's finally cold out, too. Yeah, there's no snow, but today, I'm wearing FOUR layers on top, like I should be doing this time of year. Don't worry...I'm not totally insane. It's a tank top, then a long sleeved shirt, and then a sundress over the long sleeved shirt (because I'm whacky like that with my layering), and then a sweater that I bought from the sale section yesterday at Anthropologie as a little "happy birthday to me, this day can suck it!" kind of present. I'm so comfy and cozy!

But I still do wish it would snow. BRING ON THE SNOW, WINTER! For fuck's sake, we deserve it at this point, I think.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

I, too, want Gisele to shut up.

I haven't posted in a few days because I haven't had much to post.

I got sick earlier this week, and I don't know what it was from. Random stomach bug is possible, but it also seemed to follow pretty quickly after I overate a few too many blackberries. So was it a reaction to that? Not sure.

Regardless, I'm better now. But it did slow me down for a couple of days.

Today is my birthday. I feel a little depressed, and I'm not sure why. I'm better now than I was before lunch, but it is really obnoxious to feel down without any real reason behind the feeling. You know what I mean? I'm trying not to dwell on it too much, but I don't know how successfully that's going!

It's not an age thing, though, before anyone gets all philosophical about that in the comments, or something. I don't care about growing old. It's just not that big of a deal to me, personally. Everyone does it. ::shrugs::

Ok, so that's that. Awesome, eh? ::sigh::

Friday, February 03, 2012

This one is all about me. DUH. ;)

I made it through the week! It was a pretty mild one, overall. People have been much more jovial and silly at work, which makes the day go by faster I think.

Also, I think I finally pulled through the initial stage of whatever it is I do to myself when I cut back on my propranolol for my cluster headaches. I get a little achey in the head toward the end of the workday, still, but the fuzziness has worn off, and I've tapered down on the amount of Advil I need to take, too. So I'm down to just 80 mgs per day (of propranolol), instead of 160 mgs at this point. WOOHOO!

Another update on my Primal Blueprint lifestyle, now. I'm still a fatty. I'm back up to 214 pounds. I haven't lost any dress sizes at all.


...I feel fucking fabulous.

Aside from a once per week craving for something like a muffin or a pizza slice, I have no complaints at all about eating the way that we do. (Leo jumped on board last week.) I rarely get hungry between meals. My energy level is more consistent throughout the day. My stomach isn't unhappy at all.

It's hard to stay motivated when I look at the whole thing from a weight loss perspective. But when I look at it from a "how I'm feelin'" perspective, the motivation to keep up with it is absolute.

I've read in a couple of different places that it can take some time for a body to adjust to the new food combos that are being presented to it, so maybe that's what's happening with me. Also, I need to cut back on dairy (no more cheese for a while, I think. But we'll still use clarified butter in cooking...), and stay the fuck away from nuts. When I start eating nuts, I have a hard time stopping! We'll see if those changes help anything along at all.

Also, I'm waiting to hear back from my doctor about when we can go through with changing my birth control over from pill form to IUD form. I'm really hoping that the change in hormone level/delivery will make a big difference, too. ::crossing fingers::

Anyway, I'll keep updating from time to time about it all. But in the meantime, if you have any questions about it, feel free to ask!

Happy weekend, all!