Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dude is making me look bad!

Usually, Leo and I don't do much for Valentine's Day, aside from eating a yummy meal, and toasting with beer/wine/what have you. Sometimes we go out, and sometimes we stay in.

This year, we were planning our yummy meal with food we had leftover from other yummy meals throughout the last few months: The last 2 kobe filets from Kansas City Steak Co that we had ordered in a set with some other steaks we had originally picked up for the holiday season. The leftover crab legs that we weren't able to eat last week on my birthday. Put it all together with some brussel sprouts and pancetta, and whoo boy! Perfect V-Day dinner, IMO.

When I got home from work, I needed to pull off a quick change to head back out the door to meet my trainer at the gym. I saw a little box with a tag on it that said "WOOD" in the area where I put my purse when I get home, but I kind of ignored it except to laugh a little.

Leo is mildly obessesed with wood projects as of late. One of the things he had been working on gave him a little leftover piece of wood that he had been giving to me at random times, and then I'd give it back to him in odd places. Like in his medicine cabinet. Or in his closet by his shoe rack.

When I got home from the gym, he'd moved the box, and put it in front of champagne glasses filled with our drink of choice for the evening (Framboise Lambic). I opened it, and found a tiny bracelet inside. Which was pretty much made up of all wood. Including the little piece of wood that we've been passing back and forth for the last few months. He drilled a hole in the center of it, stained it, and made me a damned bracelet out of it!

(Yes, my fingernails are blue right now. It's a new Essie color I picked up from Target last week, and it is freaking AWESOME.)

The bracelet fit me perfectly. It's strung on a stretchy kind of string, but it fits without having to stretch at all since I'm a freak of nature kind of fat person who actually has tiny wrists and ankles.

I honestly don't deserve the dude. I didn't get him anything for Valentine's Day! But then again, we are going to California next week for a few days, so maybe that will count as a gift? I dunno.

Next week, I'll show you the awesome gift that the Twin gave me for our birthday. I haven't shown it yet because (a) I haven't taken pictures of it yet, and (b) I haven't been able to give her the gift that I bought for her due to some extraordinarily crazy issues with the ordering process I encountered. I now have the present in my possession. Sucks, since I shipped it to the Twin, but whatever...I'm just glad ONE OF US has it at this point! And I'll take it to her next week, and get to see her open it, which is more fun, anyway. And then I'll take pictures of THAT, and then the sharing will occur.

Not that I needed to explain all that in advance, of course. (I'm a dork.)


faithstwin said...

Oh! That bracelet is so cool! Hannah would luhuuuvvveee it.

So much hooplah over my present from you. Even if it kind of sucks it'll still be awesome since we went thru all this mess just to get it. Ha!

lyn said...

very cool bracelet!
and i love your blue nails.

i see that once again you will be in socal when i am not, big sigh.

Faith said...

Dammit Lyn! I was gonna see if you could come up when we have a little get together while I'm in town to celebrate the birthdays. BOOOOO.

Twin, it will be awesome to finally get the gift to you. I CAN'T WAIT! :D

lyn said...

my trip got cancelled!!!! msg me so we can see if we can coordinate!

Faith said...