Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday is "Taunt Faith Day" in the office...

Every Friday, there's a "breakfast club" food set-up that occurs about 10 feet from my desk. Sometimes, it's really unappetizing (like last week...there was an egg casserole of some sort for breakfast, and as I had already had my own egg casserole at home for breakfast, more egg casserole just smelled gross.), other times I'm losing my mind with it because it's fucking bagels from Einsteins and OMG if there's one thing I've craved more than pizza since giving up grains it's mutherfucking BAGELS.

But that wasn't enough today...nooooo. One of the breakfast club members also brough pretzel brownies, for some reason. So my coworker keeps telling me I need to get one. Because it's salty and sweet rolled into one, and damn if that is not my favorite kind of thing! ::groan:: Finally, they moved the container of them off the table. So they aren't just sitting 10 feet away from me, tempting me to high heaven.

But then I walked to the bathroom, and apparently, they were just moved to a higher traffic area, so they would get eaten faster. Helpful, yes. But still not gone.

And then a fucking funfetti cake materialized in the kitchen! GAH! I have to walk past it to go to the printer, or to get water, or to get my lunch from the fridge.

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Well Hell Michelle said...

My floor at work started doing donuts once a week. It kills me. My willpower is not strong enough to walk past them several times a day without finally grabbing one.