Thursday, February 09, 2012

Still looking for snow. If you've found Kansas City's snow, please return it ASAP!

Thank you for all the happy birthday wishes yesterday, everyone! I don't think I've had that many birthday wishes in a long ass time (there were several sent via text, email, and through the Twin from old friends who use her as a medium to get to me sometimes through Facebook. Since I'm not on there, and never will be! Mwhahahahahaha!), and it was a very nice way to get through the day.

My mood is much better today. Yesterday was probably due to confusion over why Leo got up early, but it turned out it he didn't get up early to make me a birthday breakfast (booooo!), as well as some leftover malaise from my sickness earlier this week. Not sure. But it doesn't matter, because that was yesterday! FUCK YESTERDAY!

Well, wait. Yesterday was my birthday. And it did end up all right (with flowers, champagne, crab legs, artichokes from NoRTH, and ice cream from Glace, along with awesome gifts from the Twin and Leo) really, just fuck yesterday morning/afternoon, I s'pose.

At least it's finally cold out, too. Yeah, there's no snow, but today, I'm wearing FOUR layers on top, like I should be doing this time of year. Don't worry...I'm not totally insane. It's a tank top, then a long sleeved shirt, and then a sundress over the long sleeved shirt (because I'm whacky like that with my layering), and then a sweater that I bought from the sale section yesterday at Anthropologie as a little "happy birthday to me, this day can suck it!" kind of present. I'm so comfy and cozy!

But I still do wish it would snow. BRING ON THE SNOW, WINTER! For fuck's sake, we deserve it at this point, I think.


faithstwin said...

Post a pic of my conversational coasters! I want to shaaarrrre the humor. =D Oh and yes! A big thank you to all who wished a happy birthday. I was in a great mood alllll day long, went shopping, had a lovely lunch and dinner and ended up going to bed exhausted and fulfilled.

Nora said...

Happy Belated birthday!! If I could, I would send you snow.