Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Well, that seems like a perfectly sensible solution to a simple problem.

I've been thinking lately that I might need to change my work title to "printer assistant", seeing as I've been pretty much dealing with some printer issue or another at least every other day in my office. Ordering toner, getting a tech out to fix a door that won't close, chaperoning the tech to a broken machine because our company has a new policy where they won't allow printer techs to get in the building without an employee being with them because, you know, that isn't a fucking waste of my time, or anything.

I'm in a big building. There are printers all over the damned place in here, and between the plotter downstairs that needed paper 3 weeks ago (paper that cost about $45 total, but still needed to be approved by the effing CFO, mind you), which then needed toner about a week later, and all the other machines that are breaking down all over the place, I'm up to my armpits in ridiculousness, is the thing. Yesterday, I happened to just walk by a machine that was sitting open, as if someone had abandoned it while they attempted to clear a paper jam. I checked it, because I'm a good person (I swear!), and there wasn't a paper jam anymore. So I tried to close the door that was open. Aaahhh...there was the problem. The door wouldn't shut! Not sure what caused it (I tried to investigate for a few minutes before giving up myself), I took note of the machine's info, turned it off, and went back to my desk to submit a trouble ticket.

But today, I'm dealing with that ink-for-the-plotter issue. Again. I submitted the ticket to request toner for the machine last week. And here is what has transpired since then...

Printer service guy: Faith,

I stopped by yesterday to replace the toner for the Plotter machine but the cabinet next to the plotter which has the toner is locked and I’m not sure who locked it. Would you happen to have the key for this cabinet?

Me: Unfortunately, I do not. I didn’t even realize there was a cabinet that had the toner in it! That’s helpful.

I have an employee on my team that uses that machine, and he’s the one that asked me to help with supplies, since I know how to use our ordering system. Otherwise, I don’t know who even “owns” that machine. I’m so sorry I can’t help more!

Printer guy: Well I got security to open the cabinet but the only thing inside was someone’s cereal and other breakfast items. Currently the toner is missing and I will have to do some investigating to try and locate it.

Me: Good thing they had that stuff locked up! :)

Thanks for the update. I’ll make sure my coworker (the one who asked me to order the toner) is aware of the issue.

Continued the next day...Me: [Printer guy], I just spoke with the employee that asked me to order the toner in the first place, and he said that he found 3 toner cartridges in the printer area, and he has them at his desk “for safe keeping”. They were apparently just sitting out by the machine in the open when he found them, and he was worried they might get taken. His name is [employee that needs toner], and he sits in cube [blah]. He said they’re all color cartridges, and there wasn’t a black ink one. So that’s the one that is needed the most right now.

Sorry…this is the first I’ve heard of that info. Just wanted to pass it along. Thanks!

Printer guy: Thank you for t he information.

Today, I heard from Employee That Needs Toner: Any update on the ink?

Me: I informed the technician that you had ink cartridges at your desk that you’d found in the printer room, and he thanked me for the info. That was the last I heard from him.

I’ll send him a follow up email and see what’s up. I’ll cc you on it so you can communicate with him directly, as I’ll be out on vacation the rest of this week.


Me, to printer guy: [Printer guy], [the employee that asked me to order ink for the printer] has asked me for an update on this issue. As I will be out of the office on vacation for the rest of this week after today, I thought I’d just go ahead and Cc him on this note so you two can communicate directly about the issue, or you can ask him questions if you have any.

Any update on this ticket would be appreciated. Thanks for the help!

Printer guy: [Employee that needs toner],

I have not been able to find the extra toner that was next to the plotter, so rather than special order some more toner I have a new HP plotter being moved to [your building] tomorrow and will install it as soon as it has been brought over.

Me: You gotta be fuckin' KIDDING ME! ::facepalm::

Ok, ok...I didn't really respond that way. Instead, I came out here to blog about it. Because REALLY? Really??? How does that make even one lick of sense? GAH!

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