Thursday, March 22, 2012

Maybe my brain just needs a good washing.

This morning, my garage door greeted me with a loud BANG! as it opened, and scared me into jumping in the car and slamming the door shut with a scream. When I realized it wasn't falling down on top of me, I went to tell Leo that the door had finally hit it's limit, and the cords had snapped.

Why I chose to jump INTO the car that might've been about to get semi-smooshed by a garage door instead of running away from it is beyond me. My brain doesn't work all that smoothly so early in the morning.

We were told by the house inspector back when we offered on the house that the door needed to be reinforced. There wasn't a safety line on it, which could be dangerous should the cords on the pully snap without any back-up to hold it in place. It just dropped to a low level on our important things to do in the house list because (a) it's been working fine all this time, (b) that list included things like horribly bad gutters, rotting windows, and termites eating our walls, and (c) we just kinda...forgot about it.

The garage door company will be out tomorrow to fix it, and in the mean time, I get to move to Leo's spot in the garage and he gets to park on the driveway. Because that's the kind of awesome husband he is, yo.

And tonight, we'll go watch Jim Gaffigan at the Midland and forget all about our garage door woes for a little while. And tomorrow, I'm taking the day off because I've been exhausted lately, and I need SLEEP. Lots and lots of glorious sleeeeep.

I've been getting cluster headaches again. I've had 2 recently that I've needed to medicate, and I think that's my clue that cutting back on the propranolol isn't actually working after all. This is pretty depressing for me, so I'm trying to work through it by not worrying about it much, and also by remembering that taking propranolol and having a hard time getting my heart rate up during exercise is about a gazillion times less of a problem than getting a headache that makes me want to cut into my skull to remove my brain. It was bad last night. All I could do was lie there and moan after a while. I had to take TWO doses of my pain meds, which is something I've never had to do before. The first dose didn't even touch the headache, though. Which is worrisome.

Anyway, life is good in some ways, and not so good in others. Pretty fucking normal, by my estimation! Watch out for falling garage doors, friends...


Nuke said...

My garage door cables snapped last spring, scared the holy crap outa me. Checking it out, it was a cheap, poorly installed system so I had it replaced.
It was only $80 more for a new opener with two remotes and a wireless keypad than for just the hardware, so I got it all.
Glad you werent hurt when it went to pieces. Hope you start feeling better soon!

Oh, and I sent a psychic shout-out to Jeffers!

faithstwin said...

Remember my first house? The door fell while Oldest was in the garage and the only thing that saved her was my car? Yeah, that sucked. It is genuinely disarming when such a large appliance (for lack of a better term) shuts down.

I oil my dorr and all the parts once every 3 or 4 months to help keep it quiet and hopefully keep the chains and gizmos from giving out on me.