Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A new ceramic friend for the Twin.

Hi! I'm the Head Horse.

Last month, the Twin and I turned 38. Not a banner birthday, by any means, but still, I got a random bug in my ass to buy her a present. I was window shopping on Anthropologie's website, and found this really awesome ceramic statue that had a cute face and seemed to call to me, "Pick me! Pick meeee!" So I did.

I ordered it the week before our birthday. Had it sent to her house, and didn't mention it once to her, because I wanted it to be a complete surprise. I had written on the card, "His name is Blue Horns. Happy birthday!" Because they have a 40 character limit on their notes they'll include in the boxes. Or else I would've also mentioned that the Twin's Head Horse seemed like a lonely horse. So I decided to send him a friend for her birthday.

Unfortunately, I also checked the gift wrap option on the gift order. This was unfortunate because it turned out that shouldn't have been an option on that particular order. So the company wrote me pretty quickly to let me know they'd canceled my order for the gift wrap on the item. When they did that, though, it somehow fucked up the WHOLE order in the warehouse. So a few days later, when I still hadn't seen anything about my order being shipped to my sister, I called to see what was up.

It took a while to clear it all up. Like, days. And then, the item got shipped to ME instead. Without the card. ::sigh:: They offered to pay for my shipping costs to send it to the Twin, or they could pay for me to ship it back to them, and then they would ship it on to the correct address. HA! Nuh-uh. I wasn't giving it back to them now that I finally had it! Leo and I were flying to California for a family meeting the following week, so I could just carry it along with when we flew out there. I told them that since I was technically the shipper in that case, they were more than welcome to pay for my plane ticket, if they'd like. ;) They declined that, but they did offer me a gift card for all the trouble instead. That was fine with me, really! It was funny how it all worked out, actually.

ANYWAY, I finally had Blue Horns in my hot little hands, but the TWIN still didn't have him, and that made me sad. The anticipation of the gift was building up, because I'd since told her that she was getting something, but I wouldn't tell her what it was.

I gave her Blue Horns when she and her youngest came to watch a KU game at the hotel with Leo and I. Her youngest liked the statue. Twin also seemed to like the statue. But her oldest apparently thinks he's ugly. WHATEVER. She's broken, or something. Hopefully, Blue Horns and the Head Horse are having all kinds of fun around the Twin's house together, now that Blue Horns has joined their little family.

The Head Horse was an impulse buy for the Twin when she was at Target one day. He was on an endcap, and she thought he was kind of a one-of-a-kind piece, I think. Not sure. Anyway, she took him home to help watch over the house. And he promptly became a main part of their reindeer games right off the bat. This was one way he greeted her one morning soon after he joined the household:

Her oldest had taken the time to stack all those books outside her bedroom door, and then popped the Head Horse on top to be better equipped to greet the Twin when she wandered out of her bedroom at whatever ungodly hour she finally decided to do so. (Just kidding! I'm sure she was up by a reasonable hour like 9:30 or 10, or something...)

So the Twin returned the favor by placing the Head Horse on the pillow next to her oldest while she was sleeping, s when she woke up, she'd find him watching over her very closely...

So you can see why I might've been drawn to pick up Blue Horns for the Twin's house.

Here he is, watching the KU game with us the day I gave him to her...

And here's his cute effing face right up close, so you can see why it is I'd think he'd make a great addition to their household...

We had good times on that trip, too. Got together with an old friend that I hadn't seen in a long time.
And made faces with Leo after dinner and drinks...

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. I've been lazy. I have no other excuses unless you accept the general excuse of "Santorum" at all. In the case that you do, let me just repeat that: Santorum.

'Nough said.

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