Tuesday, March 27, 2012

OMG, the PMS...the P.M.EESSSS!

Me: Hey, why do we have so much sheet up at the top of the bed like this? Look at all this sheet! It's not supposed to be this far up. It's supposed to be more like [adjusts sheet] THIS.

Leo: My shoulders get cold! So I need to make sure they stay covered when that [points at ceiling fan] is on.

Me: Dude. That fan doesn't move fast enough for it to even barely create a breeze of any kind*. It's on as a placebo, in my opinion. I don't even know why we waste the energy at all on it!

Leo: Well, my shoulders get cold. And then I can't sleep. [Walks out of room.]

Me, calling after him: You know what I'm thinking in my head right now, right?

Leo, calling back from the living room: Yeah I know...I'm a pussy!

I have "real" PMS for the first time in many, many years. It's not terrible, but it's bad enough that I wish I could just hole up in my basement for this week instead of having to deal with the public. I want yummy, fried things for meals, and I constantly have a low grade headache which I keep forgetting to take Advil for before I leave the house in the morning and I can't remember to refill my little Advil bottle in my purse either so I'm just suffering all day long, dammit.

Maybe the fried food would help with my memory issues? Hmm...

Anyway, I'm easily annoyed this week, is my point. So the universe should take this post as an open letter to please try not to annoy me right now. It's just not nice.

(*The fan needs to be balanced. Do you know how much of a PAIN IN THE ASS it is to balance a ceiling fan? Well, it's a pain in the ass enough that we've lived there for 8 months now, and still haven't gotten around to doing it. So the fan needs to stay at a relatively low speed so that it doesn't wobble all over the place, and make an ungodly racket. Hence the placebo-ness of it. It's not doing much, but maybe trying to trick my brain into thinking it's helping keep things cool, maybe. I'm not really sure.)

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