Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The world is getting more and more unbelievable every day!

Just finished reading this little story over on the KMBC website about a Wisconsin Senator (Republican Glenn Grothman) who proposed a law in his state that would make single parenthood equivocal with child abuse.

Let me just sit back while that sinks in.

Ok, yeah...NO. Fuckhead. NONONONONONO.

It doesn't really appear to be an attempt at a law of any kind, but more of a press for certain groups (specifically the Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board) to "emphasize" how bad it can be for a single parent to try to raise children on their own.

You know, according to this dipshit, anyway.

The bill would require that some sort of education/awareness campaign occur to help all those single people out there trying to raise kids on their own to realize just how much they're fucking up their kids by not getting/remaining married. It's abusive and neglectful, dontcha know?

::screams silently, and wants to kick things really, really hard::

The Twin is a single mom. I won't talk about her ex/the father of their children here, because he's worth just very little space in my brain, and even less here in written form.

She's been raising her daughters on her own now for, what? Maybe 6 years, I'd think? Is that right, Twin? Anyway, she does a DAMN fine job of it. Her oldest is in high school, and her youngest is in junior high, and they're smart and funny and yeah they have their sassy moments, but they're teenagers so that's allowed. But still...they are nothing NEAR abused. Not even close.

It disgusts me to even think about it that way at all!

I don't understand what this country is coming to. I don't understand the judgement of others that's occurring. I don't understand this semi-gradual descent back into a world where women aren't trusted to be able to take care of their own bodies, or their children, or their unborn children, or whatever. What comes next?

It's sad that I even have to wonder about that. But I do. Because holy hell, what will they try to take away from us next?


Old Fart said...

Work your job, pay your taxes, and just be happy the government has decided to take care of you. You will be assimilated. Or not.

faithstwin said...

It's going on 5 years now since he finally left but I have always essentially been raising them without him due to his alcoholism and needing-to-be-with-his-friends thang.

And at the very basis of this all: just because a woman and a man (or two people, for that matter) live together does NOT mean a child is not subject to abuse as they would be under the strains from a single parent household.

I am the very first person who will assure anyone that my children do NOT suffer anything more than my asking them to be accountable for their own actions and treating others with respect while at the same time they are expected to laugh when they are happy and cry when they are sad. And for everyone's sake I expect them to love themselves before anyone else! (They are still 'perfecting' some of this...)

I made a conscious choice to not only take the actions I have against my ex but also to actively NOT DATE or persue any relationship while I am responsible for the very young lives of my two children. I can hardly see how this can be construed as 'abuse' on any level.

Everyone has their own level of reasoning when it comes to their children. While there are some out there who use a child to work the system or those who flat out make poor decisions when it comes to their chilren's lives I can confidently say the vast majority of women and men who KNOW they are responsible for a young life do what they can to help that child (or children) in any way they can.

Yes, I do a DAMN fine job of raising my kids and I think one day they will both tell me how awesome I am. Until then? I am confident they will continue to be the type of student a teacher wishes for; the type of friend anyone needs and the type of kid that makes my life so easy.

Alisha said...


I'm am seriously terrified by the things that are coming about in our government at the moment.

I used to be a Republican but the party has been hijacked by the religious right and we are in danger of being pushed back to the dark ages, no exaggeration. I used to be one of them and was on the other side of the curtain. They are on a mission to turn our country into some idealized Christian place where only a man and a woman can marry, the man works and the woman stays home to birth as many children as possible with zero decision making abilities.

Santorum is definitely the worst of them (he has the Duggars Clown Car Vagina support) and the fact that he has gained so much ground in the primaries is disturbing.

Gah! Sorry, I've just been so perturbed by recent events!! You should see my FB page. :)