Monday, April 02, 2012

I feel like a half-naked Amazon woman

Today is the first day in about a year, or so, where I've worn a skirt without any kind of leggings on under it.

And also a pair of strappy heels instead of my usual ballet-flat I've grown accustomed to.

I feel 8 feet tall. And like I need to keep checking my legs for any bruises that I was unaware of having. (Hence the need for the leggings a lot of the time. I bruise easily. Sometimes, I swear I must bruise myself when I change positions in bed when I'm sleeping, because I honestly have no idea how else I get them!)

But, there are no bruises. Just white, white, WHITE legs sticking out from under my cute gray skirt!

This is the first time in my life that I have had a noticeable change to my style of clothing I prefer to wear. Up until last year, I was all about finding the most comfortable high heels that I could buy. I like being tall, but I'm not happy being tall at the expense of my foot comfort. I can't pretend to not be in pain. Doesn't work. So I have a fair amount of high heels in my closet that range from the strappy sandal-types I have on today to boots to very awesome ones from Victoria's Secret that I haven't worn in a while because they're REALLY high. And they looked weird with leggings. So, yeah.

I also wear leggings just about every day. Under skirts or dresses, and generally with a ballet flat of some sort. Or my Vans.

I think the style change came from when my workplace started allowing us to wear jeans every day, if we wanted to. I got more casual, as did many of my coworkers. Not in a vulgar way (although I have seen my fair share of sweatshirts and even a pair of yoga pants once that I felt were significantly out of place), but more in a relaxed way. It took a little adjustment time, but we've all settled well into a business casual area, I think.

And while this is the first time that I've noticed the change in my style, I know that it's changed about a gazillion times before now. Like when I dressed mildly goth from about sophomore year in high school through at least the beginning of my sophomore year in college. Then I started mixing in what I look back on as being relatively skanky clothes (I was skinnier than I'd ever been before), but still had the goth mix at least once a week. And then I can't remember what I did for a while. Hmmm.

And then there was the overalls phase. That lasted a good long while, too. ::sigh:: I wasn't alone! It was the 90's, for chrissakes!

Anyway, it's weird to be so aware of the change, is my point. Looking good has always been important to me, regardless of what the style is that I choose. But now, I'm more into comfort. Boxy tops with a tighter (but not TIGHT-tight) fit to my jeans. I like them folded into a cuff of some sort at the bottom. And then a flat sandal or ballet shoe, a la Audrey Hepburn-ish kind of styling.

Dresses that can be worn with or without leggings, depending on the weather. Pull on style. No zippers required!

It's easy, is the thing. But not in a sloppy way.

I wonder how long this phase will last...


faithstwin said...

I have to do long dresses/skirts because short ones seem to rise up even higher in the back with my big ol' up-my-lower-back-ass and then I just feel like the bottom part of my butt and the very top of my thighs are showing allll the time, even though they aren't. But I can feel the air hitting 'em due to the easy access for the flow so it feels like it's hanging out. If I were in a business casual office every day I am afraid I would be one of those people on the bit more casual side in the LL Bean stretchy waist pants I wear quite a bit already.

Faith said...

I'm big on dresses that have an a-line skirt when they're on the shorter side, so the hiking up issue isn't a problem so much there. Also a "short dress" for me these days is one that goes to right above my knees. So even if they DO hike up a little bit in the back, it's nothing too scandalous!

Skirts are the same. If they're shorter than usual (again, right above my knee) then they get worn with leggings.

I'm sure those LL Bean pants would fit in fine in the office, dude. I'm wearing a stretchy waist skirt today from Garnet Hill, actually. Comfort is also a huge part of my current style!