Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I hate to tell you, WebMD, but....

You know how when you're looking up symptoms of something that you're dealing with that happen to be kind of a sensitive internal-type issue that you've never dealt with before, and you go looking for things like "blood in stool without pain" on Google, and it sends you to a WebMD* "symptoms" page that describes anything like foul smelling stool or "flatulence that has a sewer-like stench" as being something to be concerned about, and then you think back over your life and try to remember the time when stuff coming out of your a-hole DIDN'T smell bad, and you can't really remember any?

Yeah, what do you do then? ::scratches head::

(Personally, I asked some friends what they thought I should do, and one of them has a husband that's suffered from Crohn's for many years, and he gave me some good advice. But still...the internet is weird.)

*It might not've been WebMD I wound up on. It was just a WebMD-like place. It's been a couple of days since I searched...I can't remember that far in the past at this time of day, dammit.

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