Tuesday, April 03, 2012

What's in a name?

I went to pick up a prescription over the weekend from our local pharmacy. I pulled up to the drive-thru window and said, “I’m picking up my prescription I called in. Name is Faith Smith.” The tech punched in my name, and then was gone for a bit while she gathered it together I assume, and then another tech came over to give me my total due, and then slid the drawer out for me to put my debit card in. He asked me to verify my address, and I said, “12345 Name St.” And he said, “Ok.” He was busily stapling the prescription info and my receipt to the bag my bottle of pills was in, and asked if I needed to speak to the pharmacist at all. “Nope, I’m good.” And then he put my prescription into the drawer and said, “Ok, I’ll just need you to sign this and you’ll be on your way!”

I thought it was going to be my sales slip, but instead there was a clipboard in the drawer with a big ol’ jumble of prescriptions in 2 bags. I grabbed it all, thinking that maybe the pharmacy had messed up and refilled my birth control pill prescription, too, even though I hadn’t asked for it. I said, “Whoah! What the hell is all this?” And the tech said, “You had four prescriptions.” And I said, “What? No I don’t.” And then I looked at the name on the prescription sheet and saw that they had given me the prescriptions for a Faith Thmith. NOT my Rx for me…Faith SMITH. “Oh! This has happened before. I’m Faith Smith. SMITH. Not Thmith.” And I put the prescription bags back into the drawer as the tech apologized and checked the system for my prescription I’d called in.

Through the glass, they always seem to think I’m saying the Thmith last name there. Drives me nutty. But in the past, the tech has always said, “There isn’t an order for Faith Thmith.” And then I have to restate my name, and it gets all cleared up. This was the first time that this other Faith and I had our Rx in on the same day.

Anyway, I said to the tech this time that I would have thought my address verification would have been the final clue on the prescription mix up. “Why did I give you my address if not for you to double check that you had the right script?” (The address for the Thmith chick was on 126th Terrace. NOT on “Name St”. Pretty distinct difference, IMO!) He apologized again and said that he had voided the transaction, and had charged my card for the correct amount. I thanked him, and then we were on our way.

I can totally understand why they get our names mixed up there. The last names sound pretty similar even when they aren’t being said through a mediocre speaker system. But DAMN. I am curious as hell about what that chick is taking now! I mean, she had to SIGN something in order to get the prescriptions from the pharmacy! What does she taaaaake???


Ms. Pants said...

It's not uncommon for a pharmacy to have a patient sign for multiple Rx, even if they're boring drugs like antibiotics or bcps. It's a check like "okay, 3 Rx, please sign this slip that says you're getting all 3."

It's when they ask for your ID that you know you're getting the good stuff.

I'm well versed in Pills. :-)

faithstwin said...

Mine get sent to my HOOOOMMMME. It's one of my fav things about Kaiser. So far, I have never been mixed up with anyone else, though when I would sign on to my Kaiser page they would have Dad's phone number as my phone number (the Vegas house, no less) for whatever reason. I would change it and update the info and next time I signed on, there would be his # again. Happened for almost a year.

Faith said...

Ms. Pants, that's interesting! I've never had to sign anything for my drugs. Except when I buy the evil, eeviiil Advil Cold & Sinus, or Sudafed of course! But for my Pill or my prozac or what have you? I've never been asked to sign something. I didn't sign anything this time, either. I saw the clipboard, but took the drugs first, basically out of confusion.

I wish I'd looked at the clipboard, so I knew what it was they were asking me to sign! Dammit! :D