Monday, April 09, 2012

What's Your Number? An odd review.

Me: What movies do we have left at home?

Leo: That one that your sister told us we should watch, and then the other is a romantic thing that someone wrote on is a bad movie.

Me: Wait…what? Someone wrote on the disc that it was a bad movie?

Leo: Well, on the disc pouch, yeah.

[Later, while sitting down to dinner, picking out the movie to watch…]
Me: Ahahahaha! This says “trashy movie”, which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s BAD. Just means this person is judging it as being trashy.

Leo: Ooooh, true. Wonder why it’s trashy?

Me: I would assume it’s because it’s a movie that’s based around the number of guys the main character has had sex with. But…if you think that’s a trashy topic, then why rent the movie?

Leo: People are dumb.

We watched “What’s Your Number” last night. It was goofy, and kind of corny at times, and kind of awesome at others, and really made me wish I could have an ass like Anna Faris’s. Let’s see what the Netflix summary of the movie says, shall we?

Ally is a twentysomething who begins to suspect that her one true soul mate may be among the many lovers she has left in the dust. Turning to her neighbor for help, Ally begins a quest to locate her exes to see which one might be Mr. Right.”

Ah…I can see how that can be misconstrued into being something about unicorns and rainbows and how romantic it is to marry your one true love and not have many lovers throughout your life.

Oh, wait. Maybe that part about the main character looking for love “among the many lovers she left in the dust” would be a clue? I mean, yeah, this might not be a movie to show your 10 year old daughter and her friends at a sleepover, or anything, but hell…I watched Bachelor Party (Tom Hanks) when I was 11 or 12, and I turned out semi-normal. I limit my trashy behavior to very select moments in time, thank you very much.

To sum up: people are weird. And I'd give the movie about 3.5 stars out of 5.


Christy said...

Was it trashy? I didn't notice, I was too busy ogling Chris Evans.

faithstwin said...

Which movie did you watch that I suggested for you? 17 Again? A Town Called Panic? Breaking Dawn? =D

Faith said...

A Town Called Panic, Twin. And we haven't watched it yet. Leo keeps going back and forth between wanting to try watching it with me and not wanting to watch it. It's mildly frustrating!

Christy, INDEED. Every time that dude came to the door holding a towel in front of his junk? I died a little inside. :D