Friday, May 18, 2012

Airline call center employees? I forgive ALL of you if you ever came off as bitchy back in the 90's.

This is a good age to be living in. The conveniences we have even just compared to how we did shit in the 1990's are ridiculous.

I used to have to search microfiche for newspaper article references when I was in college. Using this giant, crazy machine that actually had a fun "whiiirrrr!" sound that it made as you slid through the unwanted pages on your way to the info you were looking up. Do they even have those machines in libraries anymore? Do kids writing research papers in 2012 know what a microfiche is?

AOL was only just getting off the ground when I was graduating from high school in 1992, not that I had even heard of it at that point. I didn't even use the internet for regular research on papers I was writing in college until my senior year, in 1996. And even then, it was sketchy. I started writing emails to my older sister who lived across the country in Virginia when I was a senior, too. Saying things like, "It's aMAZING that I can write you a letter, and then come back to check tomorrow and probably find a response from you! WOW!!!"

I was easily impressed by technology back then. Crazy how things change in just a short 10 - 15 year span. My computer probably looked back at me with contempt yesterday as I searched for flights on two different websites, while simultaneously looking at The Gap, and then Nordstrom, and then OneStopPlus for a blazer that is currently needed in my wardrobe, thinking to itself, "Bitch, you couldn't even search like this 10 years ago without conjuring the blue screen of death!!! Appreciate me, dammit."

And I guess I should. It's not the computer's fault that my company has been pushing out software update after software update lately, totally fucking with my work roll and slowing me down every 3 days.

All week, I have been searching for different flight options for two different trips for my boss in June. I have a newfound appreciation for the fact that I found a job in a retail store back in 1997 when I first moved to KC, instead of having to take the job with an airline in it's Kansas City call center. I cannot imagine doing this for a living. It was fun at first. But now, I'm just screaming inside my head, "DECIDE, BOSS. Deciiiiide, goddam you!" (And fyi, that voice sounds like Kelsey Grammer circa the Frasier years.)

As frustrating as it has been to look up flight after flight after flight, without anyone making a decision, I can't help but think that had I been doing this job back in the 1990's, it would have been a gazillion times harder to do, I'm sure.

And we're all finally coming to a decision, it seems. I book one trip to Europe earlier today (including car and hotel, thankyouverymuch), and am close to finishing a quick trip to the east coast for several people that will occur the week before the Europe trip. And then tonight, Leo and I will go to see the Avengers movie in 3D in what I call "the grown up theater" not too far from our house. And tomorrow we will go to a baseball game and buy tennis equipment and start learning how to play together.

It is Friday, mutherfuckers. Enjoy your weekend, mkay?

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